Powerful Soul Reapers in Bleach Manga: Ranked

Powerful Soul Reapers in Bleach Manga: Ranked Bleach is a popular manga series that follows the story of Ichigo Kurosaki, a teenager with the ability to see ghosts. In his journey to protect his loved ones and the world of the living, he allies himself with powerful Soul Reapers – supernatural beings tasked with protecting human souls from evil spirits. 

Throughout the series, we meet various Soul Reapers who possess incredible powers and skills. Here is a list of some of the most powerful Soul Reapers in Bleach, ranked in ascending order: 

10. Jushiro Ukitake 

Jushiro Ukitake was the captain of Squad 13 and one of the oldest Soul Reapers in existence. Despite being frail due to a chronic illness, he possessed immense spiritual power and was highly respected by his peers. 

9. Kisuke Urahara 

Kisuke Urahara was a former captain of Squad 12 and one of Ichigo’s closest allies. He was known for his intelligence and resourcefulness, as well as his mastery over Kidou – spells used by Soul Reapers. 

8. Byakuya Kuchiki 

Byakuya Kuchiki was the captain of Squad 6 and a member of one of the most prominent noble families in Soul Society. He possessed incredible speed and agility, as well as mastery over Senbonzakura – a technique that allowed him to control thousands of tiny blades. 

7. Kenpachi Zaraki 

Kenpachi Zaraki was the captain of Squad 11 and was known for his love for battle above all else. He possessed immense physical strength and endurance, as well as an innate ability to sense spiritual pressure. 

6. Toshiro Hitsugaya 

Toshiro Hitsugaya was the captain of Squad 10 and one of the youngest captains in history. He possessed a mastery over Hyourinmaru – an ice-based zanpakuto that allowed him to freeze anything it touched. 

5. Sosuke Aizen 

Sosuke Aizen was initially portrayed as a kind-hearted captain but later revealed himself to be one of Ichigo’s greatest enemies. He possessed immense spiritual power, intelligence, and had mastered numerous Kidou spells. 

4. Isshin Kurosaki

Isshin Kurosaki was Ichigo’s father and also a former captain-level Soul Reaper before retiring from duty to live among humans. He possessed incredible strength, speed, endurance, agility, and mastery over Engetsu – a fire-based zanpakuto. 

3. Yoruichi Shihoin 

Yoruichi Shihoin was a former captain-level Soul Reaper who had fled from Soul Society due to certain circumstances. She possessed incredible speed, agility, strength, endurance, and intelligence and mastered Hakuda – hand-to-hand combat techniques used by Soul Reapers. 

2. Genryusai Yamamoto 

Genryusai Yamamoto was the commander-in-chief of all Soul Reapers before his death during The Thousand-Year Blood War arc. He possessed immense spiritual power that allowed him to generate flames hotter than the sun itself; he also had mastery over Kidou spells. 

1. Ichibe Hyosube 

Ichibe Hyosube was introduced during The Thousand-Year Blood War arc; he held an important position within The Royal Guard (the highest-ranking group within soul society). Known as “The Monk Who Calls The Real Name,” he possesses extraordinary abilities such as renaming objects or beings (including himself) which alters their nature entirely; this skill makes him incredibly formidable.

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