The 5 Biggest Sports Clubs In The World

Sports clubs generate enthusiasm and loyalty from its fanbase. Millions of fans the world over dedicate hours of their time following and watching their favorite sports teams play. They also spend millions of dollars supporting their favorite sports clubs. Sales money coming into sports clubs includes tickets, official team merchandise, and more. The five biggest sports clubs in the world have both a huge fanbase and make the most money. Let the countdown begin.

Number 5 on our list is Real Madrid. Real Madrid is a soccer team based in Madrid, Spain. The value of Real Madrid is an estimated $4.75 billion, so if you want to buy this team, start saving now. They hold the record for the most Champion League victories, including the inaugural competition. The team rarely disappoints fans.

Number 4 on our list also comes from Spain. It’s Barcelona soccer team. Valued at $4.76 billion, this team is  only slightly ahead of Real Madrid in terms of size and popularity. Interestingly, FC Barcelona was founded in 1899, by a motley group of footballers from Spain, Germany, England and Switzerland. Today its team members hail from even more countries, worldwide.

Number 3 on our list of the five biggest sports clubs in the world is the New York Knicks, NBA champions. Valued at $5 billion, the Knicks are owned by Madison Square Garden Sports. Knicks is actually shortened from Knickerbockers, which is the name the original founder gave his new team. Knickerbockers are a style of rolled up pants that used to be popular in the 1600s.

Number 2 is the New York Yankees, of Major League Baseball. Owned by the Steinbrenner family through an LLC, the Yankees are still based out of New York City. The Steinbrenners paid a handsome $8.8 million for the team back in 1973. We would call that a good investment, considering that their current value is $5.25 billion. The Yankees major fan competition is the New York Mets, but they aren’t even on our list. Of the five biggest sports clubs in the world. The Yankees have been called the most successful professional sports team in the U.S., with 27 World Series championships under their belt. Not too shabby.

Finally, we get to the top player on our list of the five biggest sports clubs on the globe. It’s the Dallas Cowboys, owned by Jerry Jones. Jones paid a mere $150 million for this football team in 1989. It’s now valued at $5.7 billion. The Cowboys have an estimated 8.35 million Facebook fans, and that’s not even counting fans who aren’t on social media. The home games of the Dallas Cowboys are attended by over 727 thousand people annually.

So that’s it, sports fans. If you’ve ever wondered which are the five biggest sports clubs in the world, now you know. So if you want to root for the biggest sports clubs, you’ve got your list to choose from, among soccer, American football, basketball and baseball.