The 5 Happiest Countries in the World

We can all be as patriotic as we want about our home countries, but that doesn’t always translate into true happiness. There are many factors that contribute to the overall happiness of the citizens of any given country, including work-life balance, affordability, weather, and much, much more. Though a country can be lacking in one of those departments, it may excel in the rest, making its citizens happier overall.

When looking at the happiest citizens around the world, which ones are truly living their best lives? You’ll find that there’s a certain part of the world in which its citizens are happy and have all of their big-picture worries taken care of while their day-to-day lives lack a lot of stress. Here are the five happiest countries in the world based on the general consensus of their citizens.


Located in Northern Europe, where many of the world’s happiest countries reside, Finland was crowned the happiest country on Earth for five whole years in a row. The country’s gorgeous landscape full of clear freshwater lakes, mountainous forests, and great air quality make it a comfortable and beautiful home to proud Finnish folks. 

Their extraordinary education programs, relaxed style of living, helpful nature, and pride in taking care of their homeland make it easy to see why they’ve earned the title of the happiest country in the world. 


Denmark is a close second to Finland in the rating of the happiest country on Earth. It’s not hard to see why. Denmark is another Northern European country tucked away within the serene, fresh air, nature-focused land. Denmark is known for their healthy balance of work and play, universal healthcare, and free education system. 

The people of Denmark believe in taking care of and giving back to their country, knowing they will receive proper treatment in return. Their helpful, peaceful, comforting nature makes for a healthy environment enjoyed by all who get to experience the beautiful country. 


Not surprisingly, Iceland is the next Nordic country on the list of happiest countries on Earth. The Northern European country is known for the land’s intense and magnificent beauty. The towering glaciers, fjords, and pristine snowy landscape is a wondrous sight for those who are lucky enough to view them. 

As if the beauty of the land isn’t enough, Icelanders believe in a strong sense of fairness and justice, paired with low crime rates. Residents believe in equality, celebrating gay pride, practicing equal treatment and pay for men and women, and ensuring the community is taken care of financially. 


Switzerland is comedically known for its neutral standing, which isn’t really that far off from how the people of Switzerland truly are. They’re a peaceful community of Nordic people in the gorgeous landscape within Northern Europe. The vibrant green mountains are unbelievably stunning. 

Along with that, they’re also known for their perfectly crafted chocolate confections. Chocolate is known to release feel-good chemicals and is just downright delicious. Though the Swiss don’t let the sweets drag them down. Outdoor activities and healthy exercise regimes are a big part of the lives of the residents of Switzerland, keeping them mentally and physically fit and happier overall. 


The final Nordic haven named one of the happiest on earth is The Netherlands. Nearly all of the residents of the lovely country feel their life is comfortable and happy, and that their mental health is stable.

 Like many of the previously mentioned countries, The Netherlands offers financial support for its residents, a generous and healthy sense of community, and a great work-and-play balance. Physical and mental health is a priority for the people who call The Netherlands home. Their life expectancy is among the highest because of this. The rest of the world could stand to learn from these five beautifully happy and content countries. 

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