The 5 Items You Need to Liven Up Your Home Office

If you’re working from a home office, staying mentally and physically healthy is important. 


It’s important for your overall sanity, but it’s also important for your work engagement and level of productivity. 


To help set you up for success, we want to highlight five amazing items that will make a huge difference health-wise and work-wise for your home office:


Our first item is a  Wall Mounted Folding Laptop Desk Hideaway Storage with Drawer – phew! While it’s a mouthful, this compact little piece of furniture is from Wayfair, and we are obsessed. The days of a traditional desk are over, and this wall-mounted desk allows you to open everything up when you’re working and then fold everything up and away when you’re not. Plus, it looks really cute on your wall, it does not take up a lot of space, it’s sturdy, and you can decorate it with all your fun office trinkets. You can install it at any height you want, so it’s perfect for sitting or standing. It’s currently on sale for $123.99, and the biggest thing to note is that it needs to be installed on a wall correctly so it can handle some weight.


Our second item is an Adjustable Laptop Computer Stand from OMOTON on Amazon. There are a ton of health benefits to using a standing desk, and this adjustable stand can make any surface a standing desk. Standing desks are better for your back, improve blood circulation, and studies have shown that people who use standing desks are actually more focused. This laptop stand is only $39.99 and is compatible with laptops up to 17” wide. 


Our third item is a compliment to items one and two. If you are interested in adding a standing desk to your home office, investing in a high-quality anti-fatigue mat is critical. The Topo Anti-Fatigue mat by Fully is only $99 and will be a game changer for your home office experience. It will keep your body aligned and comfortable while standing all day and is even designed with a little massaging foot ball in the center of the mat.  


Our fourth item is from Bose, and we honestly suggest this item for a home- or office-based work environment, it is so amazing. Bose’s QuietComfort Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are fantastic for allowing you to get in the zone and cancel out all the distractions. At $299.99 they are stylish, come with a nice traveling case, are wireless, and connect via Bluetooth to a variety of devices.     


Our fifth item is the Ember Mug2 and it’s going to make you rethink your entire hot beverage experience. This is a smart mug. Yes, you heard that correctly. The Ember Mug2 maintains the temperature of your coffee or tea throughout the day, so you can say goodbye to cold coffee that’s been sitting at your desk for hours. It’s sleek, comes in a variety of colors, and you just need to hand wash it. The Ember Mug2 is $129.95 and is worth every penny.