The Best Houseplants for a Healthy and Beautiful Indoor Garden

Indoor gardening has become one of the fastest-growing hobbies around the world as people (especially younger generations) are looking to bring the beauty of nature into their living spaces. Houseplants not only help make a home look more aesthetically pleasing, but they also help to purify the air and can even improve mental health.

There are certain houseplants that offer a lot of great health benefits while also looking amazing, bringing your house or apartment to life. Whether you were born with a green thumb or are just starting to amass your houseplant collection, these houseplants are sure to be a fantastic addition to your home. Here are our picks for the five best houseplants for a healthy and beautiful indoor garden.


This prickly plant is relatively low-maintenance, making it a fabulous choice to add to your home’s ambiance. It’s a perfect fit for busy homeowners who sometimes forget to tend to their houseplants. Cacti only require watering about every 10-14 days. They also need an adequate amount of sun exposure, but be sure to keep them out of direct sunlight or you’ll run the risk of discoloration and damage to your cacti. Despite their intimidating appearance, they’re not temperamental and rather easy to care for. Keep away from pets and small children to prevent injury. 

String of Pearls

This unique looking succulent is a real show-stopper and will add a calming elegance to any home. A String of Pearls requires 6-8 hours of indirect, yet bright, sun exposure. It’s best to keep the houseplant away from drafty areas within the household and keep them in an environment with a temperature between 55-80 F°. They require watering about every 2-3 weeks, or when the soil is visibly dried out. It should be noted that as gorgeous as this succulent is, it’s poisonous to humans and animals. Take the proper precautions before adding this beauty to your indoor plant collection. 

English Ivy

English Ivy is a dense and lush plant that can be grown indoors, or outdoors. The overflowing leaves are hearty and great for colder climates, withstanding temperatures between 10-70 F°. It’s best to water them every week, ensuring the soil is slightly damp, but not soaked. A well-drained soil and pot will help English Ivy flourish, as they require adequate air circulation. They love bright and indirect sunlight and cool environments. You can most the leaves to keep them hydrated without risking overwatering. 

Prayer Plant 

The striking colors and design of this houseplant make it stand out from the rest. The prayer plant is called so for the way its leaves raise and fold to protect themselves from the chill of night. During the day, the prayer plant prefers a shady area with indirect sunlight. Being from the rainforest, they thrive best in somewhat humid, warmer, and shady conditions. They require watering for about 1-2 weeks, or hehe the soil is dry to the touch. Misting the leaves will help them flourish as much as they possibly can.  

Spider Plant

Chances are, you’ve seen a spider plant hanging from someone’s porch, or inside their home. They’re a commonly chosen houseplant for good reason. Did you know spider plants improve your indoor air quality? Their presence is refreshing and beneficial. The spider plant can live up to 20 years as well, more than most house pets. They’re convenient and don’t require too much effort to keep healthy as well. Water them once a week to keep the soil slightly moist. Ensure they get bright and moderate sun exposure. Lastly, keep the room at a comfortable temperature. These easy houseplants will thrive and benefit your well-being while doing so. 

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