The Power of Data: Public Information Can Be More Valuable Than You Think

Everyone has a public record, and everyone can have their information looked up by just about anyone in the world. This information is one of the most powerful tools in the world, as data becomes more and more important as the years go on. We’re long removed from the days of people simply having a birth certificate, marriage certificate, deed, and then death certificate.

Now, almost every piece of data regarding your life can be bought online, and there’s more information out there than you might think. This information is also more valuable than you might think, too. What makes this data so important, though? Let’s take a look at the power of modern-day data and what it means for you.


If you’re someone that’s essentially living off of the grid, you don’t have many people that are holding you accountable for your actions in life outside of your potential creditors. However, those that are in positions of power need to be held in check, and having access to their public information is a valuable and powerful tool.

From people that are running for a political position or an executive with a multi-million dollar corporation, there are people that are held to a higher standard. Public information records can let people know if power is being abused, and some very powerful people have gotten backlash due to public information.

Even the President of the United States is not immune to being held accountable from public information. Presidents like Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, and Donald Trump have been under investigation due to their public information. If it goes all the way to the top, then you know that type of information is extremely valuable.


The list of companies that want to know everything about you is endless because your public information can alter the way that they market to you and the people in your area. By looking at your public record, companies can get a good idea of how much disposable income you have, your location, and what you’re likely to spend money on.

Even your information that’s not part of the public record can be obtained by companies so that they can market to you on a more specific level. Websites like Facebook track a lot of the information you look up and your personal details, and targeted marketing can be very obvious. Do you own an Amazon Alexa or a similar device and suddenly start seeing advertisements for something that you were talking about that day? It’s not a coincidence.


Your public record can determine whether or not you get the job of your dreams, believe it or not. Upon applying to a company, they’re likely to run a public information check on you to see if everything’s up to par. They’ll check your finances to see if there’s a bankruptcy or default that would result in wage garnishment, and they’re more likely to go with a candidate that won’t have a garnishment.

Also, having poor credit can affect you from getting a job in finance, but the most important thing that can hold you back from a job is a criminal record. Those that have been convicted of violent or financial crimes are less likely to land a job after a public information act. Make sure that your record is squeaky clean before applying for a dream job.

Getting a House

The biggest purchase that you can make in your lifetime is to buy a house, and everything that happens before, during, and after all uses public information. Your public record will show your ability to buy a house and where you’ve lived in the past. If you’ve been renting for several years with no late payments and no defaulted loans, your chances of getting a mortgage are going to be tremendous.

Any transaction that you make on a home will go into the public record, whether you’re buying, selling, or renting. This means that your address can easily be searched, so make sure that you’re comfortable with that when getting a new home. Going back to marketing, have you ever received a ton of junk mail with advertising? That’s part of public information.

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