5 Best Roblox Rhythm Games

Since it was released in 2006, Roblox has had players making their own minigames within the universe in just about every genre. There have been sports games that emulate what it’s like to play FIFA or Madden, horror games that resemble Five Nights at Freddy’s, and just about everything in between.

One genre that has also gotten a lot of love over the years in Roblox is the rhythm game genre. Hitting buttons in rhythm with music has long been a popular genre and boosted in popularity thanks to the release of games like Parappa the Rapper and Guitar Hero. If you’re looking for some fun rhythm minigames within Roblox, try out these five that are rated as the best.

1. Sound Volblox

Based on Konami’s “Sound Voltex” arcade-style rhythm games, Sound Volblox brings its own twist with stunning visuals and gameplay. Some players have dubbed it the best rhythm game Roblox has to offer. 

It requires a PC and gamepad, or keyboard to play, focusing on accuracy and speed while hitting the proper keys to match the notes on the screen. Sound Volblox offers a challenging, but fun experience that plays as more than just your standard arcade rhythm game. 

2. RoBeats

Created by user RobeatsDev, RoBeats is an MMORPG-style rhythm game popular amongst Roblox players. There are 700+ songs to choose from, with a difficulty scale ranging from 1-38, 1 being the easiest and 38 being the most challenging. 

The game offers a crafting mode while also boasting signature songs from artists like Friday Night Funk, Camelia, Hyper Potions, and more. There are new songs added to RoBeats every day with hundreds of songs already on the list. So far, RoBeats has gotten over 230 million visits.

3. Rhythm Master

Rhythm Master is an anime-style rhythm game created by user Xsitsu. Released in 2015, the game has gained over 130k visits on Roblox. A gamepad or keyboard is required to play this rhythm game that’s heavily influenced by anime, using a total of 20 songs from various anime series. 

More than 3,000 people liked Rhythm Master during its heyday, and while it didn’t get any updates after 2017 (including a sequel that wasn’t released), it has remained a favorite for Roblox fans that are looking to get into a fun rhythm game. Rhythm Master is easy to pick up and master and the limited setlist has people coming back to master all 20 of the songs that they’ve become accustomed to.

4. Bloxy Beats

Bloxy Beats has been called the hardest rhythm game in Roblox and has had over 150,000 visits since its inception in late 2020. Created by HollyJollyAiden, Bloxy Beats can’t be found by console players as it’s exclusive for PC players. The great user interface makes people think of the popular Dance Dance Revolution when playing Bloxy Beats.

The speed settings can be altered in the game, and it’s a great intro for those that are just getting into rhythm games, as well as experts. There are plenty of familiar songs on Bloxy Beats and will give players hours of entertainment. Just make sure your fingers are well stretched out before playing.

5. Rhythm Track 

One of the more simple-looking games on the list, Rhythm Track is essentially a stripped-down version of Guitar Hero that has drawn over 13 million visits since it was created in 2016 by Dummiez. Rhythm Track has several difficulty modes and uses the PC keyboard to play, though the keys that are used can be rebound.

Rhythm Track has plenty of badges and updates, allowing players to continue coming back to improve their scores and aim for a full combo. Though not as intricate as Rock Band, it still gives players a taste of what the full Xbox/PlayStation game is like through the power of Roblox.

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