Top 5 Celebrity Comeback Stories

Everyone loves a good comeback story–we feel hope when we see a beloved celebrity go through a tough time and come back better than ever. Here, we’ll take a look at five celebrity comebacks that had everyone cheering for the underdog. 

First, Matthew Perry. The Friends star is known for playing witty, sarcastic Chandler, but few knew that he was living with a prescription drug addiction behind the scenes of the hit show. Fans of the show watched as Matthew went in and out of rehab, and saw his weight fluctuate up and down as he went through the rigors of addiction treatment. Eventually, he overcame his addiction, and has opened up a sober living home for others who are working to get clean and move forward with their lives in recovery. 

Next up: Robery Downey Jr. The Ironman star was once just as well-known for his bad boy behavior as he was for his roles on the silver screen. In the mid-90’s, Robert landed himself in jail after repeated legal issues with drugs and alcohol. His charges over the years included having a loaded gun, breaking parole, and drug possession. After Robert got sober in the early 2000s, he began to land hit movie roles, and showed audiences around the world that there is life after addiction. 

Winona Ryder surprised the world with her arrest. Currently known for her role on Stranger Things, Winona has a list of career hits that’s constantly growing. In the 90’s, she was gaining notoriety and the world was stunned when the actress was arrested for shoplifting. Winona decided that she needed to take a step back and focus on her mental health before going back onto the Hollywood scene. She underwent drug and psychiatric counseling, and eventually returned to the screen to steal the hearts of Netflix audiences. 

Rob Lowe: After wowing moviegoers as a heartthrob in the 80’s, Rob Lowe’s reputation was tainted due to a few sex tape scandals. The actor went on to star in the hit drama The West Wing, and also had a regular role on Parks and Recreation, showing off his comedic chops. Today, Rob says that the scandal pushed him to get sober.

Martha Stewart: home ec phenom and insider trader. Fans of the lifestyle expert were stunned when Martha was sentenced to five months in prison following insider trading charges. Martha spoke candidly about her time in prison, focusing on the positives of the lessons she learned and the relationships she developed while serving time. Martha returned to eh small screen shortly after her release from prison, and today, she’s continually heralded for her new talk show (which, today, has been nominated for six Emmy awards).