Top 5 Craziest Sports Stars

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie is an incredible basketball player and a great human being who’ll talk to anyone. He’s respected as one of the greats, was rookie of the year, has a ring from 2016, has played on the all-star team seven times, and even won the MVP award for the 2014 All-Star Game.

He also said the world is flat, and there was a conspiracy to kill JFK. Honestly, there needn’t be any further summation.

Dennis Rodman

If there is a list without Dennis Rodman in the top five, the person who wrote it should receive some mandatory testing. Besides the hair dyed every color, the original piercings, and wearing a wedding dress in public, yeeeaaahhh, we’re open-minded. So what? You know, if he’s happy, who cares?

But multiple trips to North Korea and calling the tyrant, murderous Kim Jon-Un a friend for life is the tipping point. Rodman now goes over frequently to a country with horrific human rights abuses to train their basketball team.

Mike Tyson

Oh, Mike. We love you regardless of how you’ve been insane over your career. Maybe that’s the appeal. Everyone loved you in the Hangover movies. And, you’ve become like the seasoned older guy with his own Adult Swim cartoon. But here is a pretty definitive list:

  • 1987, you bit off Evander Holyfield’s ear! WTF?
  • During your career, you used insane amounts of cocaine and admitted to using a fake penis for drug tests.
  • Three years were spent in prison for rape, but upon release in 1995, you mostly were a changed man.
  • Reporters that interviewed you were terrified. Always.
  • The face tattoo was a sign of insanity when you got it, but we all think it is cool now. I am considering it.

Diego Maradona

Maradona is still a legend; there are shrines with candles that never burn out in Argentina, but the guy was not mentally well. Maradona’s list makes Tyson look like he just needed a little Wellbutrin.

Where does one even begin between three-day cocaine binges, karate kicking people, and shooting journalists with an air rifle?

Let’s just go with elbowing one player in the face and putting a knee to another player’s head, all in one move. That’s good enough.

Tonya Harding

Yes, her name has been on our lists before, but when it comes to crazy, how can this not be the Mac Daddy of crazy? You’re a top skater bound for the Olympics. Still, you hate that another skater is “America’s Sweetheart” and favored over you…

… so you just hire some guy to bust her knee cap with a police baton.

Harding went on to run up a considerable “crazy list.” Still, this one act has resulted in movies and sports lookbacks for decades.

If one thing is sure, no matter how talented or how much you make, you’re no less predisposed to go absolutely nuts. These are just five situations, and almost every week in the NFL produces one or two such situations.

Could it be that the crazy draws us to the sport a bit more sometimes? In a world that watches “Married at First Sight,” we love crazy.