Top 5 Funniest Facebook Personalities

There was once a time on Facebook where we focused more on sharing memes and other hilarious posts rather than go shopping for random peoples’ items or getting into arguments over various topics. No worries, though, as there are still those pages that are designed to make us laugh on a daily basis. Some of them are names you recognize from those early days of Facebook while others are new kids on the block. For your dose of Facebook laughs, check out these five personalities on the platform.

5. Just Here To Ruin Your Day

If you like crude Photoshop works of some rather iconic or at least easily identifiable images, then Just Here to Ruin Your Day is here…to ruin your day. From gifs being rendered to make them look like they’re coming out of your computer screen to shots of Iron Man replacing his gear with henna tattoos, there’s plenty of comedy to pick from here. There’s about 320,000 followers now, and this page has been growing fast.

4. Classical Art Memes

We bet that hundreds if not thousands of years ago, people that were featured in paintings would ever think that they’d be featured in internet memes that were spread across the world. Then again, they didn’t know what memes or the internet were. Classical Art Memes on Facebook takes some art from long ago and makes it into relatable and modern memes. This includes an exasperated looking group with the caption “When a band that was huge in the early 2000s reunites and goes on tour but then they play new songs and none of the old stuff.”

3. Aunty Acid

There are some personalities on Facebook that have gotten so much attention on the platform that they were able to diverge off into other ventures. That includes Aunty Acid, who has been able to publish books with some of the musings found from the Facebook page. This pink haired character shares positive stories and jokes on a daily basis. “I’ve told everybody at my new job that I have a twin,” one post reads. “So when I bump into them in public I can just ignore them.”

2. Sarcasm Society

What do we know about the people that run the Sarcasm Society Facebook page? Well, not much, other than they make us laugh on a daily basis. There are over 3.6 million people that are following Sarcasm Society, which makes it one of the more followed comedy pages and is managed by Red Blue Media Inc. Content is frequently going viral thanks to Sarcasm Society, whether it be celebrity news or memes. Either way, you won’t be bored while browsing as new content comes in about every 15 minutes.

1. 9GAG

Though they aren’t often posting their own content, 9GAG is one of the original Facebook pages where we found curated memes that we could share. Because of this, 9GAG is the source of a lot of viral content on Facebook, and over 41.2 million people are following the page. There are a lot of different pages that fall under the 9GAG umbrella too, which includes fun facts, animals and positive messages just to name a few. In short, 9GAG is an institution on the internet at this point.

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