Top 5 Richest TikTokers

There have been a lot of social media platforms to come and go over the years, but some have certainly caught on and become giants in the industry. Over the past couple of years, video platform TikTok has quickly made its way to the top and has become the most used app around the world. Because of this, TikTok has also made some of its users very rich and famous. Here are the five that have benefitted the most from TikTok’s explosion in popularity since its inception (at under its current namesake) in 2018.

5. Loren Gray ($5 Million)

Loren Gray was one of the first people to make it big on TikTok, going back to the time when it was still At the time, she was still in elementary school and would make her way to Los Angeles and grow her social media presence. Gray’s following has now ballooned to over 54 million on TikTok alone and she has used her following to start a career in both acting and music videos. Some notable artists she’s worked with include Taylor Swift.

4. Baby Ariel ($6 Million)

Born in 2000 as Ariel Martin, this Florida native is better known as Baby Ariel on social media platforms, especially on TikTok. What originally was a hobby that started when she was bored, Martin has become an international star that has gotten into acting in recent years. This includes starring in the television films “Zombies 2” and “Zombies 3”, as well as the web series “Chicken Girls”.

3. Burak Ozdemir ($11 Million)

Believe it or not, the oldest person on our list is Burak Ozdemir (or CZN Burak as he’s commonly known). You might think that he’s in his 30s or 40s, but he’s still only 27 years old. Ozdemir’s father owns a textile business in their native Turkey, and Ozdemir himself went into the restaurant business. He opened several restaurants that span multiple countries and have seen a boom in business thanks to his popular TikTok page that has around 62 million followers and over 1 billion likes.

2. Addison Rae ($15 Million)

A dancer from Louisiana, Addison Rae (last name Easterling) actually dropped out of college shortly after enrolling at LSU when her videos on TikTok began going viral. Since then, Rae has become a staple of social media and has branched out into business ventures that include fashion and cosmetics partnerships and even acting and singing. Rae released her first single in 2021 with “Obsessed” and starred in the 2021 Netflix film “He’s All That”.

1. Charlie and Dixie D’Amelio ($30 Million) 

It might seem like cheating to include two people in the top spot together, but it would be hard to disassociate the D’Amelio sisters since they came into the limelight together. Their mother Heidi was a model and her father an aspiring politician. Charlie and Dixie would end up getting into social media where they quickly took off and signed with a talent agency. Since then, they have gathered over 100 million combined followers and they have become extremely wealthy as a result. It’s likely we’ve only seen the beginning of their careers, too.

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