Traveling With Kids? 5 Rules to Keep Everything Fun and Stress Free

Holidays mean time to travel, and that shouldn’t stop just because you have a couple of young kids. Although bringing children along may put an end to the spontaneity you previously enjoyed, there are several things to make the experience better for everyone. 

Top Five Rules to Make Traveling With Young Children Easier and More Fun

Number 5: Let Kids Pack a Fun Bag

Most children have a favorite toy or stuffed animal that makes them feel safe and secure. Leaving these items at home is a surefire way for the vacation to become an instant disaster. Help prevent temper tantrums later by allowing your children to pack a small bag of whatever they want. Once the bag is full, write out a list of what’s in it and bring it with you, so you can be sure you pack everything up when it is time to go home. 

Number 4: Pack Familiar Food 

If your children are picky about what they eat, make sure to bring along their favorite food and snacks just in case they can’t find anything they want to eat. Taking this extra step is particularly important while traveling to your destination since you will most likely find something your kids will enjoy once you arrive. However, if you have an infant, you can make things a lot easier by bringing enough formula and baby food to last the entire time you are away. 

Number 3: Plan Kid-Friendly Activities

Before leaving on vacation, check out what kid-friendly activities your destination offers. If you are visiting a resort or cruise ship that has a kid’s club, you may want to book at least a day or two for your young children to allow you to have some free time. But always save a couple of days to do things as a family to create the memories you will treasure for years to come!

Number 2: Be Early and Flexible

Things always seem to take longer when there is a kid with you. From extra trips to the bathroom to dealing with the inevitable tantrums, you need to schedule extra time for even the most basic tasks. If your travels include a connection, make sure to give yourself a time cushion since it is better to spend an extra hour or two in the airport than to miss your flight for an unexpected delay. 

Number 1: Don’t Disrupt the Schedule

Most people, especially kids, do better when they stick to a daily schedule. Try to ensure that your kids are eating and sleeping at around the same time as they do when they are at home. This can be a big challenge when visiting a new time zone, so you may want to put off international travel until they are a bit older. Arranging a babysitter once you reach your destination is an excellent way for your children to stick to their schedule without you needing to sacrifice your fun. 

Traveling with kids can be a nightmare for even the most close-knit families, but following these tips will improve the likelihood of having a great vacation.