Uh Oh – What If My Horoscope Isn’t Compatible With My Partner?

It happens to a lot of people: you meet someone that you hit it off with and you start to think about going on a date and maybe even daydream about your future together. That is, until you realize that you might not be compatible based on their zodiac sign. While it might seem bad at first, just because you and your partner aren’t astrologically compatible doesn’t mean that it can’t work. 

In short, just because someone falls under a certain sign doesn’t mean that their personality completely matches the stereotype of that sign. You could be incompatible with a gemini, but not every gemini is going to be an extrovert that acts on impulse or turns their back on you. It may take more work to have a successful relationship, but it’s definitely doable no matter the sign.

You can even use astrology to help better understand your partner. Based on their sign, you’ll have more knowledge of their intracices and know how to handle them. Sometimes it can be stubbornness or a need for perfection and you can work through these traits. You’ll also get an understanding of the types of things that they like and you’ll be able to participate in these hobbies with them; such as arts, sports, music or anything in between.

Having incompatible signs opens up the lines for communication. After all, you wouldn’t want to just date a carbon copy of yourself, would you? Instead, the challenge makes things more fun as you learn more about each other and what makes you tick. Of course, there will be astrologists and writers that tell you that you should only date those that are deemed completely compatible or even someone in your own zodiac sign. Variety is the spice of life, though, so it’s important to understand and love the views of those that might not be on the exact same page and exact same line of dialogue as you.

In fact, a major study by the University of Manchester has debunked the thought that zodiac sign incompatibility can ruin a marriage. Dr David Voas of the school said that “the numbers are just what we’d predict on the basis of chance…If (zodiac signs) had any influence at all, however small, the giant magnifying glass of this huge sample would detect it. There’s nothing there.”

Sure, it’s something that you’ll likely think about at some point when there’s an inevitable disagreement. Thoughts like “That is such an Aries thing to say” will pop in your head, but these aren’t always indicators of permanent behavior. If you’re able to communicate and work through any issues, it won’t matter what sign you or your partner fall under.

So if you are an Aries that has started to develop feelings for a Cancer, that doesn’t mean that you should throw away a potential relationship. This is especially true for someone that has started a relationship with someone before even knowing their zodiac sign. If the seeds of a good relationship were already planted and you’re genuinely happy, it’s best not to second guess things. 

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