5 Best Android Apps To Get More Out of Life

These days, our smartphones are mostly used for texting and hopping on social media. However, many studies have shown that spending too much time on social media can be bad for your mental and physical health. That doesn’t mean that all apps are bad for you, though, as there are plenty that are helpful, enriching, and even downright calming.

The app store on Android has a lot of options to choose from if you’re looking for something in any of these categories. Whether you’re looking to beat traffic or simulate life on a quiet little farm, here are the five best Android apps to get more out of life while getting away from Facebook and Twitter.


Waze is a free and handy navigation app that everyone with an android should download. It was developed by the Israel-based company Waze Mobile. Waze relies heavily on its user base, giving regular people the ability to provide real-time traffic updates and possible obstacles that other motorists can use to plan their route or reroute their journey if needed. The fun thing about the Waze app is the function that allows users to customize the voice of the GPS. There are tons of celebrity GPS voice options available on the app and you can even record your own voice. 


The internet can be a dangerous place if you’re not careful. Internet safety and privacy are more important than ever these days. One of Signal’s goals is to keep your data secure and out of the wrong hands. Signal is a useful app for those trying to keep their personal messages, files, pictures, videos, and calls encrypted and private. The app was developed by the Signal Foundation, a nonprofit based in California and founded by Moxie Marlinspike and Brian Acton. It launched in 2018 and has been downloaded over 105 million times, with over 40 million regularly active users. 

My Fitness Pal

Myfitnesspal is a helpful tool for those wanting to keep track of their nutrition and exercise goals. The app offers free and premium services, with the premium of course allowing access to more features on the app. On the app you can enter your weight loss or weight gain goals, then the app will give you daily goals to stick to so you can achieve said goals. Some fun features, like being able to scan the barcode of a package and enter the servings you consumed, the detailed nutrition map, recipe ideas, and the ability to connect to other smartphone fitness devices and apps, make it an easy and quick way to track your meals, activity, and overall progress. 


Our highly stressful, chaotic, daily lives can give way to so much tension and pent-up emotions. To combat the stress, we need an outlet to release all of that tension. One way to help you do that is the Calm app. Calm is an app developed to aid in the sleep health, meditation, and relaxation areas of your life. The app provides calming audio-book sleep stories and ambient noise recordings to listen to while you drift off to sleep. Some are even read by celebrities and ASMR content creators. There are also guided meditation sessions you can use throughout the day to keep your head straight and remain relaxed the entire day. 

Stardew Valley

Did you know Stardew Valley was available as an app? If you didn’t know, now you know  Stardew Valley is a comforting and cute farming simulator that will provide you with a relaxing escape when you have a moment to relax with your phone or tablet. In the game, you take over your deceased grandfather’s run-down farm. You can interact with the townspeople, farm, fish, cool, raise your livestock, and even create a little virtual family of your very own. 

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