5 Countries Which Excel at Tea

There aren’t many things that everyone around the world can agree upon, but one of those things is our love for tea. Whether you’re in a country where drinking tea several times a day is the norm or if it’s something that you sip once in a while, tea has a big presence in every country. There are certain countries where tea just means more, though. We’re not just talking about tea being a global export, though, as the countries we have in mind 

5. Morocco

Morocco’s tea is so good that the country’s official website has an entire page dedicated to the tradition of their tea making. For Moroccans, it is a tradition “that signifies hospitality and friendship, and is carried out with great care,” the country says. Tea preparation is a bit different in Morocco and is considered to be more sweet, as sugar is added to their tea in very liberal amounts. Moroccan tea is also mintier, packing a strong taste into every cup.

4. Turkey

Just like Morocco, the tourism board of Turkey is so dedicated to tea that they tell you exactly how to make their style of tea at home. This includes using lime-free water and a tea kettle for the right temperature and when you should drink your cup. Turkish tea is withered to around 50 percent water content during its production and there are a lot of different flavors. You’ll notice that Turkish tea isn’t the minty type, opting for a red color that tastes amazing. On average, Turks drink more tea than all but three countries worldwide.

3. India

India is one of the first countries that comes to mind to even the most casual tea drinker, since tea that comes from there is known as Chai tea. Chai tea is spicier than most types and is served piping hot. Of course, sugar and milk are added to the tea, giving it a nice blend of spice, sweet and temperature heat that’s consumed multiple times per day by most Indians. The tea that’s native to India is enjoyed around the world, and the climate makes it unique.

2. Sri Lanka

Just like India, its neighbor Sri Lanka has its own type of tea and has become one of the most popular types in the world. We’re talking about Ceylon tea, which was first introduced in the second half of the 19th century. Since then, people have been blown away by Sri Lankan tea, which has a brighter color with a taste that’s both bold and brisk with hints of chocolate and citrus. It’s a perfect tea for relaxation, and there are six regions in the small country that grow this amazing tea. 

1. China

You can’t talk about tea without bringing up the country that far and away has the richest history and the biggest global footprint, and that’s China. There are all types of tea grown in China due to the country’s size that allows for different climates, and this includes green, red and many more. There’s really no wrong Chinese tea that you can pick from the list as they all taste amazing and have more health benefits than you can shake a stick at.

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