5 Easy Ways to Make Your Garden More Impressive

A garden is more than a collection of plants and flowers. It should be an escape from the world. A place to go to find a little peace, in the midst of chaos.

Creating that kind of oasis doesn’t have to be hard.  And it does not require any kind of special skill. Just a willingness to look at your garden a little differently.

Get started creating a beautiful landscape that your friends and neighbors will envy with these 5 easy ways to make your garden more impressive.

Step # 1:  Make a Statement with Color

Sure, gardens are meant to be colorful, but how can you use that color to make a statement? Here are a few easy tricks:

  • Stay within the same color palette. This does not mean using the same boring colors over and over again. Instead, stay within the same palette with different shades and contrasting hues.
  • Use complementary colors. A pop of unique color here and there will help complement your garden, creating a beautiful rainbow of color to enjoy.
  • Add some variegated foliage. Flowers are not the only colorful plants in a garden. Variegated foliage adds interesting texture too.

Step # 2:  Avoid Clutter

Yes, it’s true, you can have too many plants and flowers in a garden. Keep it simple. The most impressive gardens feature a more streamlined look. Instead of jamming every nook and cranny with plantings, leave some space to make your garden offerings easier to see – and enjoy.

Tip #3:  Offer Seasonal Appeal

Who says you can only enjoy garden offerings in the spring and summer? Think about what is available for every season of the year. Fall foliage can add a beautifully rich backdrop to dying summer plantings.  Be sure to add a few trees and bushes that highlight the rich ness of the season. Winter too offers some beautiful contrast to otherwise dreary months. Look for bushes that change color with the seasons or offer colorful berries during fall and winter to highlight the landscape.

Tip #4: Go Bold

Nothing makes a garden look more impressive with a few bold offerings.  Don’t be afraid to use bushes with bold shapes; tall grasses and flowers of different heights for a more interesting look. Or consider adding a bold piece of art to draw attention and complement your beautiful flowers and plants. Using arches to frame a certain area can also add interest, without taking away from your plantings.

Tip # 5:  Use a Staggered Approach

Nothing is more boring than a garden planted with all straight lines. Add depth and interest to your garden oasis by staggering plantings. Layer grasses, and flowers for a more eclectic and natural look.  This lets your garden look like it has always been there, which is more natural – and interesting.

It doesn’t take a master gardener to create a beautiful landscape that everyone will want to enjoy. Try these 5 easy ways to make a more impressive garden and see what masterpiece you can create in your own backyard.