5 Egyptian NGOs Making The World A Better Place

Egypt is home to countless organizations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that strive toward social, economic, and political change. These organizations often go unrecognized yet continue to improve the lives of millions around the world. Here are five exceptional Egyptian NGOs making the world a better place:

Egyptian Human Rights Forum

This grassroots organization focuses on empowering citizens with knowledge about their rights and works to eliminate human rights violations through advocacy, research, and education programs. Founded in 1997, EHRF has played an integral role in achieving various human rights progress in Egypt such as expanding labor achievements, protecting unpaid workers, and defending the freedom of expression.

Hurghada Environmental Protection & Conservation Association

HEPAC is an innovative NGO established in 1991 that curates numerous environmental projects across Egypt’s Red Sea Governorate. The association works towards safeguarding no less than 21% of the total land area devoted to conservation. HEPAC also provides assistance in formulating environmental protection laws at both local and national levels, ensuring Egypt’s most vulnerable areas are preserved for future generations.

Education For Employment Egypt

Established back in 2013, EFE targets young Egyptians who lack access to quality employment opportunities due to a lack of education and skills training needed by employers today. The organization strives to bridge this gap by providing participants with training programs tailored to meet employers’ needs from different industries such as tourism or engineering. To date, over 20 000 participants have received job placements through EFE’s employment initiatives nationwide.

Association for Family Development

AFD is an inspiring charity founded in 1992 that focuses on enhancing socio-economic conditions for rural families living near the Lake Nasser region in southern Egypt by providing them with health care services, educational support programs like literacy campaigns and vocational training sessions together with building infrastructure such as schools or primary health care centers.

Refugees Solidarity Movement

This purposeful Egyptian NGO operates one of the largest refugee aid networks all over the region aiming at improving safety, education, and economic stability among refugees across Middle East countries while speaking out against restrictive national policies affecting them negatively during the integration process within host countries like Egypt.,

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