5 Tunisian NGOs Making The World A Better Place

Tunisia is a country known for its stability and peace, but there are many NGOs working in the region to ensure justice and equality are maintained. Here are five of the most impactful NGOs that are making a difference within Tunisia, and beyond its borders.

The Amal Association is an NGO dedicated to protecting human rights throughout Tunisia. Established in 2002, the organization has grown to become one of the major NGOs in Tunisia, and it seeks to promote social change by providing legal assistance, education programs, and advocacy activities. It also works with other civil society organizations throughout the region.

The Arab Institute for Human Rights (AIHR) is a major force in defending human rights and pushing for freedom across North Africa. The AIHR was born out of a partnership between international organizations and civil society movements from across Africa, specifically with goals of upholding women’s rights, religious freedom, economic development for marginalized groups, free speech, democracy promotion, and other democratic reforms.

Mawjoudin Our Being Visible is an LGBT organization based in Tunis which works on creating visibility for LGBTQ+ persons in Tunisia as well as advocating for their rights. Through various initiatives such as open dialogue forums at universities or workshops for journalists, the organization strives to make sure that LGBTQ+ people can be visible members of society in Tunisia.

Another influential NGO based out of Tunisia is Dar Si Hmad (DSH). This organization focuses on preserving traditional knowledge related to the sustainable use of natural resources while simultaneously promoting access to education through literacy courses, agricultural training, vocational training courses, as well as renewable energy projects throughout rural communities within Morocco.

Finally, there’s Nomadways – an online library highlighting stories from different nomadic tribes around North Africa and beyond but with a particular focus on Sahara countries including Libya, Mauritania, Algeria, Morocco, and more recently Tunisia. The project was born out of Nomadways’ founder’s desire to show how culture travels between countries via nomads. By doing so it allows us to get better insight into how nomadic lifestyles integrate within modern-day African societies.

These five organizations represent just a few examples present throughout Tunisia that work hard every day toward advancing human rights and increasing access to education . From preserving traditional wisdom to advocating visibility for marginalized groups they all contribute towards creating a better world where everyone can live without concern or discrimination no matter their origins or beliefs.

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