5 Lebanese NGOs Making The World A Better Place

The nonprofit sector in Lebanon is growing at an astonishing rate, with locals stepping up to do their part in making the world a better place. Hundreds of Lebanese NGOs, charities, and foundations have now been established with the primary aim of advancing society and tackling social and economic problems.

Here are just five of these amazing organizations doing amazing work in Lebanon:

Beit El Baraka

Beit el Baraka is an organization that provides assistance to those affected by poverty, natural disasters, and displacement due to war or persecution. Founded in 2003 by Jawad Jraige, the NGO is run by women for women. It specializes in emergency relief services for these vulnerable groups as well as offering long-term support such as job training, advocacy campaigns, psychosocial counseling activities, and more.

Coexistence Association for Development & Education

The Coexistence Association for Development & Education (Coexist) was established in 2006 to nurture a more pluralistic and tolerant society by promoting a culture of peaceful coexistence among different groups in Lebanon. They promote acceptance and respect of diversity by providing educational programs on topics such as human rights, non-violence, democracy, and gender sensitivity aimed at students from primary school through university level. They also offer community development initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life in marginalized communities including providing access to health services and finding employment opportunities for vulnerable youth.

Lebanese Green Building Council

The Lebanese Green Building Council (LGBC) was launched with the aim of driving sustainable construction practices across Lebanon’s built environment industry which currently contributes 40% towards energy consumption. Launched in 2012, LGBC works closely with governmental authorities to create regulations that ensure green building standards are adhered to while lobbying developers and investors to adopt energy-efficient building methods like solar energy solutions. In addition, they provide training programs that certify contractors in green building techniques ensuring sustainability remains part of every stage throughout construction projects.

Tadamon Community Center

Tadamon Community Center is a registered non-profit founded to support Syrian refugee children living within the informal tented settlements of Zataari camp located on the Jordanian border with Syria who are facing unprecedented hardship due to continued conflict back home. Their main mission is educating children aged between 3 – 17 years old who don’t attend formal schools due to logistical difficulties or financial constraints faced by many refugee families who have fled their homes. They provide daycare services including educational resources, recreational activities as well as psychosocial help not only from teachers but from therapists too all helping refugees lead healthy lives until they can return home safely one day hopefully soon enough!

Dalouna Collective

Dalouna Collective cultivates safe spaces for marginalized communities throughout Lebanon by creating platforms where conversations about LGBTQ+ issues become mainstream dialogue instead of taboo topics shrouded in silence or misconstrued stigma attached largely due to ignorance about such matters present mostly within religious conservative circles where discussing sexuality can be seen as wrong or illegal even though this isn’t really true at all! Dalouna offers weekly workshops on a plethora of LGBTQ+ related issues ranging from human rights education programs through digital safety webinars targeted at queer youth often facing online harassment when least expecting it leading them down dangerous paths potentially culminating eventually into suicide or worse if not identified timely enough!

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