5 Palestinian NGOs Making The World A Better Place

The people of Palestine are amidst a long and difficult struggle for independence, but many organizations have dedicated themselves to uplifting their homeland and making the world a better place. Here are five impressive Palestinian nonprofits that are doing their part to bring about social and economic progress.

1. Grassroots Jerusalem

Grassroots Jerusalem is an organization founded by Palestinians living in East Jerusalem, with the mission of preserving the unique cultural heritage of Palestinians living in the area. They offer educational, humanitarian, and advocacy services to those affected by displacement, military occupation, and other human rights violations. One of Grassroots Jerusalem’s key programs is “Engaging Existence”—a project designed to build greater trust between Israelis and Palestinians through creative storytelling workshops.

2. We Are Not Numbers

We Are Not Numbers (WANN) is a media collective based in Gaza that amplifies the stories of its residents worldwide while providing young people with skills training in writing, photography, design, filmmaking, new media arts, and more. Through interactive multimedia projects such as “My Homeland My Words”—an online workshop that connects aspiring Palestinian writers with international mentors—WANN has empowered thousands of people around the world to tell their stories on their own terms while developing valuable skillsets in journalism, storytelling, video production and more.

3. Right to Movement

Right to Movement is a grassroots NGO based in Lebanon that works throughout Palestine to mobilize local communities for social change through street theatre performances around key issues such as health care access or labor rights activism. Their aim is to jumpstart conversations about difficult issues among members of society who may often be overlooked or underrepresented in these conversations due to language barriers or disabilities. Although Right to Movement does not provide direct assistance on these topics—which would require larger development projects—they do employ innovative techniques for raising collective awareness about important issues and creating safe spaces for dialogue among diverse groups of people within the community.

4. Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network

Samidoun Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network is an international alliance working toward securing freedom for all political prisoners in Palestine through campaigns aimed at holding Israel accountable for its actions against Palestinians within its illegal borders. Founded by leading activists from across Palestine including Bassem Tamimi (father of Ahed Tamimi), Fathi al-Shurabi (former political prisoner), Dr. Salman Abu Sitta (researcher & historian), Mohammad Othman (human rights defender) among others, Samidoun has become one of the most prominent voices working hand-in-hand with human rights organizations around the globe in defense of Palestinian prisoners everywhere.

5 . Palestinian Circus School

Palestinian Circus School was established with the goal of using circus performances as tools for teaching children essential life skills such as problem-solving strategies or communication techniques while also providing much-needed recreational activities amidst war-torn regions like Gaza or Nablus where there are few entertainment options available for kids growing up under occupation regime-imposed separations from friends and family members alike. By providing a safe environment where children can enjoy constructive activities while engaging with each other away from dangerous culture wars imposed on them, Palestinian Circus School has become one of the region’s leading sources for unleashing young talents both locally and abroad.

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