5 Jordanian NGOs Making The World A Better Place

Jordan is a nation filled with history and culture, and it stands as one of the most progressive and influential countries in the Middle East. Beyond its many educational institutions, entertainment venues, and natural beauty, Jordan is also home to some incredible non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that are making a difference in communities around the world. Here are five noteworthy Jordanian NGOs that are making the world a better place:

1. Aljazeera Children’s Society (ACS)

The Aljazeera Children’s Society was founded by Queen Rania of Jordan in 2003 with a mission to provide children with access to quality education. Since its inception, ACS has worked on projects across the Middle East and internationally, partnering with like-minded organizations to support vulnerable youth through scholarship programs, school exchanges, and vocational training. To date, ACS has provided over 100 scholarships for disadvantaged students across Jordan and assisted more than 2000 students through their vocational programs.

2. Humanitarian Education Youth Organization (HEYO)

HEYO was founded by Hassan Elali in 2009 to provide young people living in conflict areas with educational opportunities and life skills development programs. HEYO works with Syrian refugees both inside Jordan as well as outside in refugee camps across Europe to ensure that these individuals have access to cornerstone life skills such as communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution in order for them to succeed after completing their studies or entering into employment opportunities.

3. Watanili Initiative

Watanili is an initiative which focuses on empowering marginalized women by providing them with business education so they can create sustainable livelihoods within their communities. Watanili operates across four cities along the border between Syria and Jordan with the intention of creating employment opportunities for those who have been deeply affected by war displacement. The campaign provides courses that teach soft skills like time management, budgeting, communication, and negotiating materials/costs so they can increase their income-generating potential while restoring dignity within their families and communities at large.

4. Jusoor For Studies Center (JSC)

The Jusoor For Studies Center was created by engineer Ali Aburas back in 2016 with a mission to facilitate economic growth in neighboring countries through increased technical knowledge among those living near borders between Syria and Jordan – namely Daraa province residents who were victims of war displacement or terrorist attacks from ISIS or Assad regime forces respectively. With financial support from various partners including international governments who want to help empower Syrians fleeing persecution or poverty, JSC seeks out local talent and then trains them through various technology-related courses ranging from software engineering/development to artificial intelligence among others.

5. Arab Renaissance for Democracy & Development (ARDD)

Arab Renaissance for Democracy & Development (ARDD ) was established by Dr. Jawad Anani back in 2013 as an initiative aimed at alleviating poverty levels amongst Syrians displaced due to civil war conflicts ravaging not only throughout Syria itself but also parts of Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq, and Palestine. ARDD operates across several refugee camps providing survivors not only physical assistance but psychological therapy & emotional counseling services allowing them multiple pathways towards recovery & eventual integration into society again. Furthermore, ARDD also runs an array of educational workshops centered around language learning & job market readiness skill sets helping refugees stay ahead & land jobs even before resettling into contact zones back home.

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