5 Environmental NGOs Making The World A Better Place

Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) are organizations that are not part of any government and operate independently to protect the environment. These NGOs aim to protect the environment by lobbying, researching, and running projects that benefit both humans and the environment. In this article, we take a look at five environmental NGOs that are making the world a better place.

Greenpeace is one of the most well-known environmental NGOs in the world, with offices in over 40 countries. As well as campaigning for global change, their initiatives also focus heavily on combating climate change by reducing carbon emissions and preserving marine life. Greenpeace has been responsible for many successful campaigns, such as saving the Antarctic from exploitation and preventing overfishing on coral reefs.

The Rainforest Alliance works to conserve wildlife and ecosystems located in forests around the world. They collaborate with governments, businesses, and communities to create sustainable management practices while preserving biodiversity. This includes an initiative that awards certification to individuals within forestry sectors who implement responsible practices that protect natural resources while providing fair wages for workers.

Another international NGO is Oceana. Their mission is to halt ocean destruction caused by unsustainable fishing practices, pollution, energy production, and climate change. In pursuit of this mission they use science-based evidence to convince policymakers and industry leaders to redesign methods so they have less of an environmental impact on marine life ecosystems around the globe.

The World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) was founded in 1961 with a mission to conserve nature across its wide range of habitats including forests, rivers, oceans, and grasslands. One major accomplishment of WWF was leading research that uncovered illegal logging taking place in protected areas around Southeast Asia. This led to stronger protection laws being implemented by governments in those areas, many of which are still legally enforced today.

Finally, there is whose primary purpose is singing awareness about climate change – particularly focusing on global warming caused by human activities such as burning fossil fuels like coal or oil – with campaigns in over 188 countries worldwide; they were integral in organizing protests at Copenhagen Climate Summit back in 2009 which saw over 100,000 people march peacefully against government inaction towards climate change related issues – despite police intervention attempting to disrupt it – resulting in a new Climate Treaty being established soon afterward which set limits on how much pollution certain countries can produce without penalty fees or charges having an effect upon them; this was a major victory for setting an example regarding what can be achieved when large numbers come together peacefully for a cause that affects us all globally – no matter where you live or what nationality you may be!

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