5 French NGOs Making The World A Better Place

The organizations working in Italy to make the world a better place demonstrate the country’s spirit of philanthropy and commitment to positive social change. Here are five of the most notable and inspiring non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that call Italy home.

1. NPO Italia

Founded in 2003, this NGO provides humanitarian aid to vulnerable populations worldwide, such as refugees and victims of natural disasters. They also provide support for economic development projects in recently developed countries and create awareness about important global issues such as climate change. NPO Italia is known for providing much-needed help during the COVID-19 pandemic by delivering medical supplies to those affected.

2. Associazione 21 Luglio

This organization helps survivors of organized crime and other forms of violence in Italy. They provide psychological, social, and legal assistance to victims and their families, as well as helping them reintegrate into society after traumatic events. Associazione 21 Luglio also works with schools, prisons, hospitals, and law enforcement agencies to promote awareness about violence prevention strategies and bring attention to the issue of organized crime in Italy.

3. Greenpeace Italy

This environmental NGO focuses on protecting the planet from environmental degradation caused by human activities. They work towards reducing air pollution, preserving biodiversity, advocating for renewable energy sources, limiting emissions from nuclear power plants, reducing waste production, promoting sustainable agriculture practices, and protecting threatened habitats like coral reefs around the world. Their campaigns have been effective at creating awareness about these issues among policymakers in Europe as well as globally.

4. La Città della Speranza (The City of Hope)

This organization works directly with children who are living with serious illnesses such as cancer or cystic fibrosis. La Città della Speranza provides medical care, psychological counseling, and educational opportunities to children all over Italy while supporting their families through difficult times financially and emotionally. They also offer recreational activities like sports programs which provide an escape from daily struggles for these kids who are dealing with chronic illnesses.

5. In Terris (On Earth)

In Terris is a charity organization based in Central Italy that focuses on providing food security for families living in extreme poverty conditions throughout the region’s rural communities. They distribute food parcels containing essential items such as nutrient-rich foods like grains or fruits, hygiene products such as soap or toothpaste, school materials for children , clothes for all family members, and blankets or stoves during colder months when temperatures drop drastically. With projects like these, In Terris takes active steps towards improving the quality of life amongst many rural communities across Italy.

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