5 Libyan NGOs Making the World a Better Place

The humanitarian crisis in Libya has been ongoing for over a decade, and although the international community has been doing its best to help, it appears as though progress is slow. But amidst the devastation, there are several organizations that have stepped up to help those in need. Here are five of them:

Al Karama Foundation 

Founded in 2011, this non-governmental organization provides monthly food baskets to marginalized groups such as internally displaced persons and vulnerable families. In addition to providing basic needs assistance, Al Karama also engages in advocacy for the protection of communities affected by conflict or oppression.

Tehara Libya 

Tehara Libya was created to focus on economic development within Libya through vocational training. This organization provides skill development and job placement assistance to people living in economically disadvantaged areas in order to turn them into productive citizens within their communities, helping to rebuild and improve the economy as well as create opportunities for everyone.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) 

The UNHCR is a UN agency that works with governments and partners across all sectors of society worldwide to provide protection and solutions for refugees displaced by conflict or human rights violations. In particular, this organization works closely with Governments in Libya and other countries in the region to ensure that refugee rights are respected and upheld, thus helping improve overall security conditions in post-conflict environments.

Mercy Corps 

Mercy Corps is an international organization dedicated to alleviating suffering, poverty, and oppression by helping people build secure and rewarding futures on their own terms. In Libya, they work with communities suffering from insecurity due to conflict or natural disasters to restore peace and stability by providing food aid and shelter assistance while simultaneously addressing long-term social issues like education access or unemployment rates so that these communities may flourish in spite of ongoing challenges faced daily life there.

Save the Children 

Established back in 1919, Save the Children is an NGO with operations throughout Africa that focuses on delivering health care services, battling malnutrition among disadvantaged children, and responding quickly during emergencies such as wars or natural disasters that threaten numerous lives including those of young children who often bear the brunt of conflicts or calamities affecting their nations or regions around them. They have been actively involved with aiding citizens affected by fighting or displacement inside Libya’s borders since 2012 when military clashes first began on a large scale.

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