5 Fundamentals Of Dressing For Your Age

Picture in your head quickly what you think the average 25 year old man dresses like, then picture a 60 year old woman. These two are wearing completely different outfits in your mind, aren’t they? There’s a certain stereotype that our brain’s develop when it comes to how people should dress at a certain age and gender. That stereotype, however, seems to be fading with every generation. Now, there isn’t a set rule in terms of how you should dress at any given age, but there are still some fundamentals to follow if you want to look your best. Here are those key fundamentals to keep in mind.

5. Button Down All The Time

No matter what age you are, a button up shirt is always going to be in style. How you wear the shirt, though, can really differ depending on your age. If you’re on the younger side and are going for a more casual look, keep the button down untucked. If you’re older and more mature (and in a business setting), you’ll want to keep it tucked. Needless to say, your closet should have plenty of button down shirts as they’re versatile for any occasion.

4. Tears Are For Kids

Remember when you were in high school or college and a lot of your shirts and pants had rips, tears or were acid washed because it was the ‘in’ style? Some of these clothes have even come pre-ripped for convenience. Once you hit adulthood (or at least finish college), it’s time to retire those types of clothes, unfortunately. Sure, some celebrities that are trying to appear youthful can pull it off a little bit, but if you’re in your 50s, it just doesn’t look right. You can still dress in a way that makes you look younger without the tears.

3. Once Your Old Enough, Go Wild

People hit a certain age where there’s not really a focus on fashion, but there should be. In terms of how people perceive your fashion choices, the older you are, the more wild you can get with what you’re wearing. Instead of relegating yourself to suspenders and other articles of clothing that are stereotyped toward the older crowd, start experimenting with what makes you stand out. Just look at Iris Apfel, a centenarian who was an interior designer for the White House. “You have to dress for yourself before you dress for your age,” she said.

2. Easy on the Makeup

When you’re younger, you can tend to wear a lot of makeup and it can be tempting to keep wearing more as you get older to cover up signs of aging. However, it looks more natural to go lighter on the makeup when you age. Some fashion experts have said that older people who wear too much makeup look like they’re still kids that got into their mother’s makeup collection and started experimenting.

1. Know How to Accessorize

There are certain fashion accessories that simply work better depending on your age. Younger adults will want to focus more on accessories that include real gems and gold, while older people can pull off larger pieces of jewelry that might not even be real. Hats are another big thing, as they can make you look much older depending on the size, so you want to find the right fit for your style.

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