5 Fundamentals of Stress Control

Everyone feels stressed at different points in their lives, and when you harness the emotion correctly, it can be productive. But for the hundreds of millions of people with an unhealthy level of daily stress, learning to break free from its constraints can change their lives forever.

Number 5: Identify What is Stressing You Out

Many people assume that they know the reason behind their stress, but the truth is they’re probably wrong. If giving a big presentation makes you feel stressed, it is likely not the presentation causing you anxiety but the consequences of doing poorly. If the real reason for your stress is that you fear you will get fired, it is easier to assure yourself that even if you flub the presentation, your boss is unlikely to terminate you for just one poor performance. Once you realize your worst fears will not happen, you will feel more relaxed, and there is a good chance you’ll do better.

Number 4: Keep Yourself Busy

Endlessly thinking about what makes you stressed is a perfect way to make things worse. Instead, keep yourself busy by getting involved in an activity that you enjoy, preferably something with other people. Engaging in sports or exercise is a natural way to relieve stress by increasing the number of endorphins your body produces. Take advantage of your stress to give you the motivation to finally make those positive changes in your lifestyle that you have been putting off. 

Number 3: Create Boundaries, and Learn to Say No

A lot of stress is caused by spreading yourself too thin and trying to please everyone around you. Stop trying to be everything to everybody, and put your foot down and say no. Making such a radical change can be stressful in itself, but it is essential to understand that you are the person that matters the most. By reducing the amount of stress you feel every day, you’ll be better able to de devote the time you do spend with

Number 2: Stop Procrastinating

Are you a person who leaves jobs to the last minute to complete? When you procrastinate, you increase your levels of stress in two ways. The first is by having a task hanging over your head. Every hour closer to the deadline, your anxiety about whether you can complete the task on time will continue to build. The second way protestation can stress you out is by requiring you to rush to complete the job and worrying you won’t do it well enough.

Number 1: Experience Nature

Spending time outdoors is one of the best ways to unwind and de-stress. Researchers have found that walking in the sun for as little as ten minutes has a positive effect when treating PTSD and other forms of stress. So add plenty of outdoor activities to your schedule, like hiking and gardening. If you can’t escape to nature, why not bring the outside indoors by growing culinary herbs or flowers on your windowsill?

Unfortunately, you will never eliminate stress, but using these tips, you can start to reduce the stress level to a more manageable amount.