Top 5 Nicest Sports Stars

We know sports stars are excellent athletes, but are they decent people? While we often see celebs in the news for their bad behavior, there are plenty of nice guys (and gals) out there in the sports industry.

Read on for a roundup of five sports stars who shine as athletes—and as people.

1. Lebron James

Based on data from leading UK sports retailer Sports Direct, basketball star LeBron James tops the list of the world’s most loved sports stars in 2022—and with good reason.

Not only is the Los Angeles Lakers forward a rock star on the court, but he’s also known for his incredible work ethic, charismatic personality, humility, and citizenship.

And then there’s the fact that James has donated time and money to many community programs throughout the country, and started the LeBron James Family Foundation to raise money for charities in his hometown of Akron, Ohio. He even founded his own school that provides meals, bicycles, and college tuition to students!

2. Simone Biles

Simone Biles is more than the country’s most decorated female gymnast. She’s also a role model for young girls everywhere—not just for her athletic prowess, but also for her strength of character, honesty, kindness, winning personality, and loyalty. In fact, she’s had the same coach since she was eight years old!

In addition to being a champion for mental health, Biles also gives back through her charitable contributions to Mattress Firm Foster Kids. This is a deeply meaningful cause for her because she was placed in foster care in her own childhood.

Love dogs? Here’s one more reason to love Biles: She’s got four of them!

3. Patrick Mahomes

One of the NFL’s most popular players, the rocket-armed Kansas City Chiefs quarterback has more than earned the love of his fans.

This level of fame and fortune often goes to people’s heads. Not only has Mahomes not forgotten “the little people,” but he’s married to his high school sweetheart, professional soccer player Brittany Matthews.

Like the other athletes on this list, Mahomes is also committed to giving back. In 2019, he founded 15 and the Mahomies, a nonprofit dedicated to the health, wellness, and literacy of kids in underserved communities.

4. Alex Morgan

This talented soccer star has multiple Olympic medals and other accolades to her name. However, her inspiring personality transcends her feats as striker. In 2013, she wrote a book called “Saving the Team,” which shares a message of positivity about what teammates can do when they work together.

More recently, Morgan was at the forefront of the push to ensure equality for women—on and off the turf. She’s also among a powerful group of female soccer players-turned-philanthropists. Causes supported by Morgan have included Viva! The Vegan Charity, Boys & Girls Clubs, and the UNICEF Kid Power Team.

5. Rafael Nadal

While we won’t name any names, some tennis stars are known for their massive egos and monumental tempers. This couldn’t be further from the truth for this Spanish tennis phenom.

When Nadal hasn’t been winning an all-time record of 22 Grand Slam men’s singles titles, he’s been busy building up a reputation as one of the most humble, likable, and down-to-earth athletes around.

In fact, Nadal recently said that he’d like his legacy to be being remembered as a “good person.” Mission accomplished.