5 Iconic Marketing Campaigns Used By McDonalds

McDonald’s is one of the most recognizable brands in the world, and they’ve been using creative marketing campaigns to stay ahead of their competition for decades. From using celebrity endorsements to experimenting with new technologies, McDonald’s has always been willing to try different approaches. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at five of their most iconic marketing campaigns over the years.

The ‘You Deserve a Break Today’ Campaign

This campaign was launched in 1971 and featured an all-star cast including basketball legend Michael Jordan and Australian model Elle Macpherson. The adverts revolved around the idea that everyone deserves a break from time to time – which coincidentally happens to be what McDonald’s had to offer.

The McDelivery Service

In 2004, McDonald’s made headlines when they launched their McDelivery service in some locations, allowing customers to order food online or via phone and have it delivered right to their doorsteps. This innovative move helped them stand out from other fast-food joints and allowed customers greater convenience than ever before.

‘Hey Good Lookin” Campaign

During the mid-1990s, McDonald’s ran a very successful campaign featuring popular celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Shaquille O’Neal singing cover versions of “Hey Good Lookin'”, a classic country song originally written by Hank Williams Sr., as part of their advertising strategy. This campaign was designed to reach out directly to consumers by tapping into their nostalgia for classic music, as well as introducing them to younger stars like Aniston who were just beginning their rise in popularity at the time.

Monopoly Promotion

The Monopoly promotion has been one of McDonald’s most successful ongoing marketing strategies since 1987 – offering customers chances to win exclusive prizes through collecting game pieces included with some meals. Prizes included everything from food items (for example free burgers), cars, vacations, and more – creating an exciting incentive for people to buy more products from McDonald’s.

Introduction Of McCafé

In 2009, McDonald’s launched its brand new line of coffee drinks named McCafé – a play on words based on its own name – aiming at reaching out to the coffee drinkers who would otherwise go elsewhere for caffeine fixes throughout the day. With its bright yellow cups, high-quality brews, and sleek logo design – McCafé was designed specifically with contemporary tastes in mind, making it incredibly popular among millennials looking for something Instagrammable each morning 

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