Five Jobs You’ll Love If You’re A People Person

Steve Jobs once said, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” If you identify as a social butterfly, you might be a people person. Here are five jobs you’ll love as an extroverted people person.

Number One: Human Resources Manager

HR Managers get to do all of the things you love: counsel others during their time of need, recruit the best people to join them in their organization, present in front of a crowd, and cheer on their team members. They listen, coach, encourage, and empower those around them throughout the course of the workday. There’s a lot more to it, but the truth is that HR managers exist to make work more fulfilling for people. And who better to do that somebody who loves everybody?

Number Two: Event Planner

If you’re a people person, event planning is a great opportunity to do all the things you love in the course of your work. Event planners work with individuals and organizations, coordinating the complex details of special events. You might oversee the design of gala invites, develop an attendee list for a fundraiser, or book entertainment for an outdoor family event.

Number Three: Cabin Crew

If you love people and travel, this is the gig for you! Cabin crew members interact with a diverse group of people every day, all while seeing the world. Your job as a flight attendant would include ensuring every guest on each flight you service is safe, comfortable, and satisfied with their experience. Cabin crew members provide safety instruction, offer refreshments, engage with guests, and handle emergencies as they arise. You may reassure an adult with anxiety about flying, offer tips to a mom with a crying baby, or accompany a minor traveling alone.

Number Four: Fundraising

Fundraisers rely heavily on their relationships and interactions with others to raise money for non-profit organizations. As a fundraiser, you can put your people skills to the test for a worthy cause. Raising money for charitable organizations is meaningful work, but it also comes with perks: you often have the opportunity to mingle with donors at high-end events, enjoying great company, conversation, and entertainment.

Number Five: Business Development

If you love people, you might love sales, too! The most successful people in sales know that it’s not about selling a product, it’s about enriching the lives of your customers. That’s what makes this career such a great fit for people who love people. In business development, you spend your time developing relationships with potential customers and adding value in meaningful ways. When the time is right and they have a need and a budget, they choose you. Because they like your product or service – yes. But also because they like you. 

Finding a job that speaks to your love of people will ensure you never dread of a day of work.