5 Men’s Fashion No-Nos That Are Actually OK

Men, we get it–you want to look good, but the rules of fashion can feel constricting. Good news: you don’t have to follow all the rules to be stylish. Let’s take a look a some of the fashion faux pas that are actually ok to break.

A deep v-neck t-shirt is regarded as a fashion no-no by some, but the look can be great if you have the chest for it–and you wear it with confidence. If you decide to rock a deep v-neck t-shirt or sweater, keep the rest of your look simple, and don’t try to accessorize your chest with bling. Keep your look classic (and don’t skip the moisturizer–you’ll want to look fresh and smooth).

Untucked dress shirts are sometimes regarded as thumbs down in men’s fashion. If you wear the shirt right (and you have the right fit), an untucked dress shirt can be a casual, fun look that’s perfect for a laid-back dinner at the beach. You’ll want to be sure the rest of your outfit matches your casual, untucked vibe, and make sure that your shirt fits your form in a way that looks like it was done on-purpose (you might want to hit up a tailor before you give this look a go). Be sure that the venue you’re attending is appropriate for this look (an untucked shirt doesn’t fly at a black tie wedding the way it does at a beachside BBQ).

Sneakers as dress shoes are sometimes thought of as a bad idea for men, but the look as become popular in recent years. With a little effort, you can rock comfortable athletic shoes with even a nice suit. Be sure that your shoes are sparkling clean, and make sure they match the vibe of your suit (you wouldn’t want to wear basketball shoes with a velour suit, for example). Make it clear that the look is intentional–and you didn’t just forget your dress shoes at home.

Our fourth men’s fashion faux pas that can actually work: mixing patterns. When you’re wearing a patterned jacket, a checkered shirt can actually work, if you feel comfortable enough to wear it with confidence. It can be tough to get the look right on the first try–don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns until you find a look that you feel comfortable rocking. Taking a fashion risk requires an air of confidence, so be sure to step out with a smile.

Our final fashion faux pas that you can actually get away with: a thin necktie. Some fashion experts will tell you that this look is outdated, and can make you look older than your years. We disagree. When paired with a clean, crisp suit, a skinny tie is a classic look that can invoke a feeling of simpler times.

No matter what you wear, remember: confidence is everything. When you love the way you look, you’ll pull off whatever style you choose.