5 Women’s Fashion No-Nos That Are Actually OK

Ladies, we’re here to say it loud and clear: if you rock your look with confidence, you can make anything look good. Here, we’re taking a look at some common fashion faux pas that you can forget about.

Our first faux pas that’s actually fine: bathing suits or dresses loaded with ruffles. A feminine, flirty touch, ruffles allow your clothes to move with you, and provide anyone around with a gorgeous show (not that that’s what your clothing choices are about–but it can be a nice touch if that’s what you’re into). Wear those ruffles with pride, and don’t worry about whether they look bulky, as long as you like the cut of the dress or swimsuit.

Some fashion experts say that animal print patterns are out, but we disagree. If you love the way you look rocking a cheetah print outfit or zebra stripes, wear your look with confidence. Feel like full-on animal print is too bold? Just a hint of animal print–like a scarf or shoes–can add a fun, wild, bold touch to your outfit without calling too much attention to yourself. Animal print accessories can also be a fun way to amp up the wow factor of any outfit.

Mixing gold and silver jewelry is also a no-no according to some fashion experts, but you can actually pair the two metals in a way that works. If you decide that you want to wear silver and gold together, shoot for an even match. Layering your jewelry can help set the look off (for example, layer silver and gold bracelets instead of going with silver for bracelets and gold for earrings). Mixing different tones within one metal family (for example, yellow gold and rose gold) can also be a fun and unexpected look.

Tunics are a comfy, flowing option for every season of the year, and there’s no need to shy away from a billowy look. If you opt for a loose-fitting top, you may want to go with a tighter-fitting bottom (like a fitted jean or legging) to balance out the look. If you choose a patterned tunic, keep your accessories simple. A plain tunic in a natural color (like white or blue) is a fun canvas for accessories, so feel free to glam it up.

Super-high heels are debated in some fashion circles, but we think you should rock any heel that makes you feel comfortable. If you love the way your legs look in sky-high stilettos, there’s no reason to keep your heels on the low end. The key to wearing any size of heel is to walk comfortably and confidently. If you’re struggling to strut around in your heels, be sure to take some time to wear them around the house as you work to get comfortable with your new height. With a few evenings of rocking your heels at home, you’ll be able to walk out like you’re on the catwalk in no time.