5 Mainstream Paranormal Beliefs From Around The World

Paranormal beliefs are fascinating and, for many, can be a source of fear or comfort. People around the globe uphold beliefs in the supernatural, and these beliefs manifest in many different ways. Today, we will discuss the most common paranormal beliefs that exist around the world. By examining these beliefs, we can better understand what unites and divides us as cultures and human beings.


One of the most common paranormal beliefs is the belief in ghosts. In many cultures, it is believed that the spirits of our deceased loved ones continue to reside among the living in some form. Many believe that these spirits have unfinished business, leading them to linger on Earth. These beliefs are often connected to death rituals and customs, including the belief in an afterlife. Ghost stories have been a part of many cultures for centuries, and they have helped to shape our understanding of what happens after death. In Japan, for example, the yurei are spirits of the dead who are believed to be angry and vengeful. In contrast, the Chinese believe in benevolent ghosts known as Shen. While these stories and cultural practices differ, they all serve to give people comfort or fear by offering a sense of continuity beyond death.


The belief in extraterrestrial life is another popular paranormal belief that has gained significant attention in pop culture. Many people believe that Earth is being visited by aliens, with UFO sightings and supposed abductions serving as proof. Area 51, the US military base where many believe that the US government conducts secret experiments on aliens, has become a popular symbol of this paranormal belief. This belief is not restricted only to the Western world either, in fact, some cultures have had encounters with extraterrestrial beings and treat them as part of their spiritual practices.


Bigfoot or sasquatch is a creature that is believed to inhabit North American forests. The early sightings of Bigfoot came from indigenous cultures, and over time, as the stories spread, sightings of the creature increased. The bigfoot or sasquatch is characterized by its bipedal walking pattern, robust physical frame, and distinct facial features. Although some may argue about its existence, the belief, and search for Bigfoot still continue. Today, Bigfoot has become a staple in popular culture, inspiring numerous movies, documentaries, and TV shows.


Vampires are human-like creatures who are believed to survive by feeding off the blood of living beings. Many cultures have their take on vampire folklore. For example, in Greece, the vrykolakas is a creature that is said to live in the mountains and prey on travelers. In South America, the Chupacabra is a creature that is said to suck the blood of goats and other livestock. Although it is unlikely that vampires exist in the world, their cultural significance has not waned. Today, vampires have become popular media subjects, such as in TV shows and films like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Twilight”.


Witchcraft has long been a part of many cultures, although it is often associated with European culture. In medieval Europe, witchcraft trials were common, and many people were put to death in the belief that they were witches. Today, the practice of Wicca is the most well-known form of witchcraft. Wiccans believe that they can use rituals and spells to harness the power of nature and the universe. The ethics of Wicca involve a commitment to the environment, the pursuit of positive change, and promoting harmony between individuals and society.

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