5 Myths About Living In The Country

Are you considering making a move to the countryside? There are so many things that can be gained by living in a rural area, like stunning views and a slower pace of life. But there are also some misconceptions about what it’s actually like to live in the countryside. Here we’ll unpack five myths about living in the country.

Myth 1: The Countryside Is Too Remote

The first myth is that living in the countryside involves becoming completely isolated from urban areas, people, and services. While it is true that most rural areas don’t have access to certain amenities such as certain types of shops, depending on where you live, access to the benefits of modern life can still be had without having to travel too far. Supermarkets or shops which stock everyday items are usually not far away and cities are within easy reach for days out or for covering any special needs.

Myth 2: Rent Is Affordable Everywhere

It’s possible for rent prices to significantly vary depending on where you choose to locate yourself in the countryside. Rents will likely be lower than in urban settings – but certainly won’t be cheap everywhere. In some places you may find yourself paying more than you would expect should you decide to make your home in an otherwise beautiful part of the country. Do your research and check rental prices before picking your spot!

Myth 3: Everything Stops At 9pm

In reality, it’d be difficult for entire towns and villages to turn off their lights at 8pm! It’s true that many community events will cease earlier than events held in cities, but many towns still offer creative activities after dark year-round such as gigs & open mic nights, film screenings, art exhibitions, etc – depending on where you go there’ll still be plenty of ways to keep busy after dark!

Myth 4: The Internet Is Slow Everywhere

Rural areas used to experience poor internet connection speeds due to sparse populations with no infrastructure present however this has vastly improved over recent years as broadband connections become available even deep within rural regions. With plans available for high-speed internet with unlimited usage options, those living outside of major urban centers can now access good internet connections just like anyone else – so streaming shows or playing online games is no longer an issue!

Myth 5: You Can’t Find A Job Easily In The Countryside

The last myth is that finding a job in the countryside is impossible due ignorance of potential employers regarding candidates located remotely – but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Working remotely has become more popular thanks to technological advances which allow people across different sectors & locations to connect easily; employers often look beyond geographical location when recruiting so don’t rule out looking at jobs advertised elsewhere if working near home isn’t feasible right away!

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