5 of the Most Underrated Cards in Runeterra

The world of Runeterra is vast and filled with incredible cards of all kinds. From powerful spells to impressive creatures, you can find something to fit your style of play no matter what deck you build. However, among the thousands of cards available, some of them often go overlooked or are unfairly underrated. Here are five such cards that deserve more love and recognition:

1. Orange Essence

Not only does this spell provide a strong shield against spells, but it also acts as a great source of card draw when used in combination with other cards such as Augmented Experimenter or Vivien’s Invocation. The versatility of this card makes it an invaluable tool for any deck looking to gain an edge over their opponent.

2. Infernal Mask

This artifact offers some powerful protection from damage-based effects that can be devastating if left unchecked. Even better, the cost of activating its ability is minimal and often worth the risk for the potential payoff. 

3. Sunbaked Canyon

As far as land cards go, few offer more utility than Sunbaked Canyon. Not only does its ability to produce two mana of any color make it a great addition to multicolored decks, but its enters-the-battlefield effect allows you to search for any basic land card in your library, guaranteeing access to the colors you need when you need them.

4. Frenzied Skitterer

This four-mana 2/3 creature may not seem like much at first glance, but don’t be fooled by the stats — Frenzied Skitterer has some powerful abilities that can quickly turn the tide of battle if used correctly. With haste and trample, it can easily take down an opposing creature or sneak through for extra damage against a player’s life total. 

5. Bloodline Pretender

This card is a great way to recycle powerful cards that your opponent has already played. With its ability to copy any creature in play, Bloodline Pretender can be an invaluable asset in the late game when resources are scarce and every point of damage counts. 

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