5 Powerful Feelgood Movies You Probably Haven’t Heard of

Do you love a feel-good movie with a satisfying ending? Are you looking for something to make you feel uplifted in troubling times or just to get away from the rush of everyday life? Keep reading to find some unexpected hidden gems within the feel-good category that you probably haven’t seen before.

Our Little Sister

“Our Little Sister” is a Japanese film that focuses on the bonds of sisters as they come to terms with a new situation. Three sisters must adapt to their new 13-year-old half-sister as she moves into their grandmother’s house with them. The movie gives a glimpse into the complex relationships of siblings and family.

The History of Future Folk

If you are looking for a charming, homespun, and super-low-budget film that somehow warms your heart, then “The History of Future Folk” is the perfect movie for your interests. While the low-budget costuming and film style may seem awkward at a glance, the story of intergalactic aliens who deviate from their plans to wipe out Earth due to their love of music is charming, sweet, and leaves a great feeling by the end of the film.

Sing Street

Fans of music will enjoy the fast-paced, charming, and entirely teen-focused “Sing Street” when looking for a feel-good movie. The movie follows a teenager’s first love, his efforts to process his feelings, and his adorable attempt to impress the girl by starting a band. It reminds viewers of the challenges of handling emotions during their teen years and offers fun music as part of the experience.

Peter’s Friends

“Peter’s Friends” is a feel-good movie that focuses on reminiscing with friends after years apart. It follows six college friends, along with two new friends, as they reunite in an English manor after ten years. The movie is a charming look at the different ways life may cause us to grow apart only to return to old friends through reunions and remembering the good times.

Munna Bhai M.B.B.S.

If you are a fan of foreign films and want to find a great feel-good movie, then “Munna Bhai M.B.B.S.” is a great choice for your next movie night. The Hindi film follows a former gang member as he struggles to fit in with medical students in an effort to make his father’s dreams come true. It showcases the love of a son for his father and the transformation of a young man into an upstanding professional.

When you want to enjoy something uplifting during challenging times or when you are tired, a feel-good movie is the best solution. By finding a new hidden gem, you can enjoy something unique, charming, and full of fun details that keep you on the edge of your seat in the best way possible.