5 Powerful Ingredients For Amazing Hair

All of us want to have better hair, even if it’s already close to perfect. Of course, there are expensive treatments and surgeries out there that you can do to get yourself that movie star hair, but there are plenty of cheaper at-home ways you can get a healthy head of hair. Some of them are all natural and you can make them into mixes yourself (while also smelling great). If you want to try for yourself, here are the ingredients that you should be focusing on for amazing hair.

5. Honey

When it comes to just about any aspect of your health, honey seems to be one of the most beneficials things out there. Even without eating it, honey can help to promote hair growth while leaving it strong and shinier. There’s a reason why honey is used as an ingredient in so many shampoos and conditioners, as it moisturizes your scalp and both smells and feels amazing. Try mixing a half cup of honey with a quarter cup of olive oil for best results for your scalp.

4. Castor Oil

This versatile vegetable oil is packed with essential fatty acids that will allow your hair to grow much thicker than it would on its own. The anti-inflammatory benefits of castor oil will make it so that your hair follicles are getting the nutrients that they need, and this fatty acid is called ricinoleic acid, which is what castor oil is almost completely made from. Dermatologist Dr. Nikki Hill explains that when used, castor oil “increases the flow of oxygen-rich and nutrient-rich blood” to your roots.

3. Aloe

Thinking of aloe vera, you tend to think of what it can do if you’ve suffered from a sunburn. You can also get sunburnt on your scalp, and aloe vera will help with that. Even if you don’t have a sunburn, aloe vera is packed with vitamins and nutrients that promote scalp health and is used in many different shampoos since it helps with blood circulation without any negative side effects. So whether you’re looking to grow your hair or cut down on greasiness, aloe vera is always a great option.

2. Charcoal

People are starting to learn in recent years that charcoal isn’t just something used for grilling food, but also a great way to treat your hair and scalp. Charcoal absorbs all of the nasty stuff that can fester on your scalp and that detoxification makes it much easier for your hair to grow thicker. Perhaps more than any other ingredient, charcoal does a great job at taking away potential greasiness and can be used on any hair texture.

1. Coconut Oil

We’ve already touched on some vegetable oils, but none pack quite the same punch as coconut oil, which is why you see it so frequently in shampoos; and it’s not just for the smell. Coconut oil is used to treat just about any hair ailment, including dandruff, broken hair, and more. These have even been backed by studies over the years, and it’s thanks to coconut oil being packed with lauric acid that prevents protein loss in your hair.

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