5 Strange Pets You Can Legally Own

When it’s time for a pet, who wants to stick with something boring? Everyone has a cat or a dog. Why not choose something more exotic? There are several exotic animals you can legally own. With one of these, you’ll be the talk of the neighborhood.

1. Serval Cat

Imagine a pet that looks like a miniature cheetah. That’s the Serval. Don’t worry, though. This exotic pet does well in captivity. It won’t tear through your yard at lightning speed. Also, they’re great hunters in the wild, but happily eat prepared food at home.

Servals are native to Central and Southern Africa. They live up to 19 years. You’ll love the exotic look fo their spotted coat.

2. Capybara

The capybara is the world’s largest rodent. These exotic pets kind of look like guinea pigs. Yet they can grow to 170 pounds. So they certainly are not cage pets. You’ll need more than one because they do best in groups. Because of their size and needs, pet capybaras also need a large outdoor space with a pool or pond. They are legal to own in most states.

3. Fennec Fox

The fennec fox has big ears and a small face. This adorable addition to your home may be legal with the right permit. But don’t let that adorable face fool you. These little guys are wild animals. They’re also skittish. This means they don’t like to cuddle. Also, they’re nocturnal. You’ll find they have a lot of energy when you want ot sleep. If you’re up for that challenge, this is one of the cutest exotics you can own.

4. Two-Toed Sloth

Many people are obsessed with the adorable, lazy sloth. Shockingly, it’s legal to own a two-toed sloth in several states. This exotic pet requires specialized care and doesn’t like to be held. You’ll need to give it climbing space and prepare for a long-term commitment. But one perk is that they don’t move fast. You’ll never have to chase your pet through the neighborhood if you choose a sloth.

5. Tamandua

The tamandua is a 10-pound variety of anteater. This popular pet has a personality similar to a cat. They may even be willing to cuddle. This makes them appealing as an exotic pet. You’ll draw plenty of attention walking a tiny anteater. Keep in mind that they sleep a lot. They are also nocturnal. This means they may be active at night.

Which exotic pet strikes your fancy? Before you buy, make sure you research local laws. Each state has its own exotic pet regulations. Always check the laws in your state before buying a pet. Also make sure to research care for your pet. Finally, choose a reputable, captive breeder.