5 Tips To Raise Your Profile On Twitter

So your Twitter account isn’t growing as quickly as you’d like it. That’s okay—chances are, you’re missing out on some simple yet significant ways to boost your visibility, increase engagement, and attract more followers.

Wondering where to start?

We’ve got you covered with this roundup of tried and tested tips for raising your profile on Twitter.

1. Tweet often

Twitter is a seriously fast-moving platform. While inundating followers with posts carries a risk of alienating your followers on other platforms like Facebook and Instagram, this isn’t a concern on Twitter.

In fact, according to CoSchedule data, the optimal number of tweets for a business is 15 per day! 

While this may be on the more excessive side for a personal account, you get the point: More is better when it comes to building your profile on Twitter.

2. Tweet at the right times

It’s not just about how much you post, but also when you post. Research suggests that the best time to tweet is weekday mornings when people are first waking up and scrolling through the feeds.

On the other hand, Saturday is typically regarded as the worst day for posting.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t tweet on a weekend; however, you might consider reserving your best and most important tweets for plum time spots.

3. Retweet relevant content

Retweeting other users’ content is a useful strategy for several reasons. For starters, it helps you maintain your presence on Twitter even when you aren’t creating your own content.

Not only that, but if you are diligent about only retweeting relevant content, you’re also adding value demonstrating your authority—which helps build trust and loyalty. Time is a precious commodity. Mindfully curated retweets demonstrate your commitment to not wasting it.

Finally, retweeting relevant content is also an excellent way to enhance your visibility for the simple reason that when you retweet someone’s content, they’re likely to retweet yours, too.

4. Make it interactive

Boosting your presence on Twitter isn’t just about the content you tweet and retweet. It’s also about generating audience engagement.

Interactive content is one of the most powerful ways to engage followers. Games, contents, challenges, posts, questions, and polls are all proven strategies for motivating people to engage with your tweets.

One easy yet effective prompt?  “Retweet, like, or follow to enter.”

5. Make it visual

We often think of Twitter in terms of words—or character count, more specifically. However, if you’re not integrating images and videos into your Twitter strategy, you’re missing out on some major engagement potential.

In fact, Twitter has determined that tweets with photos and videos are 35 percent more successful than solely text-based posts. In addition to your own photos and videos, attention-grabbing visual content options include motivational quote posters, amusing memes, and useful infographics.

One last thing to keep in mind? The key to making the most of these and other Twitter strategies is to track, measure, and correct. The right metrics make it easy to understand which efforts are getting the best results so you can replicate them moving forward.