7 Tips To Raise Your Profile On Facebook

Facebook can be a powerful way to build your personal brand or promote your business. But to be effective, your profile needs to be seen by lots of people, and it needs to draw in new followers. Whether you’re using this social media site for work or play, the tactics to get more attention are the same. Use these tips to raise your profile. 


1. Post consistently but not too much. 


To raise your Facebook profile, you need to increase engagement. This requires you to post regularly, but not too much. Facebook posts are like basic economics. You need to get the balance right between supply and demand. 


Ideally, you need to provide just enough information to entice and engage your followers. But you also need to ensure that you don’t dilute demand by over posting. 


2. Post when people are online. 


No one wants to engage with a dead thread. To get people to engage with your posts, you need to post when they’re online. As a general rule of thumb, people tend to engage with social media the most during school or work hours — that’s Monday through Friday from 9 am to 3 pm.

But the time frame can vary based on your friend group or your industry. Learn when the people you want to target are online, and kick off the conversation then. 


3. Keep the conversation going. 


Don’t just post and leave. Engage with the people who comment on your posts. Find ways to keep the conversation going. Also, make sure that your profile is public.

If it’s private, only you and your followers will be able to see the conversation. In contrast, public posts will often appear on the pages of friends of friends. This can help you build exposure and expand your network. 


4. Include visuals with words. 


Don’t limit your Facebook posts to words. Play with different visual elements such as photographs and videos. Visual posts tend to get a lot more engagement than posts that are just written. 


5. Learn from other Facebook users. 


When you’re trying to create anything, you can learn a lot from other people. Look at Facebook posts that get a lot of engagement and reposts. What makes them stand out? Are they edgy? Humorous? Informative? Figure out what they’re doing right and embrace those tactics when you create your Facebook posts. 


6. Post polls or ask questions.


To get people to engage, ask them directly by posting a poll or a survey. Or ask them to share their favorite recipe, book, life hack, or whatever is topical on your page. People love to share their thoughts and ideas, but they’re more likely to share when they’re invited to do so.  As indicated above, this tactic works best when your profile is public. 


7. Put your name on memes. 


Reposts are a common way to get more attention to your Facebook profile. But you need to ensure that you get credited for the original post. If you create a meme or make a video, make sure that it has your business or personal name on it. Then, anyone who enjoys the post can follow it back to its source — you. 


Most importantly, have fun. People want to engage with people and brands who fill their lives with delight. The more you enjoy posting, the better you will get at it.