Eyebrow Grooming For Men

Messy, unkempt eyebrows can make you look like Bert of Bert and Ernie fame on a good day and like Sasquatch on a bad day. But with just a little effort, you can tame your scraggly brows. Manicured brows accentuate your facial structure and complement your eyes. Luckily, you don’t have to head to the spa or use a wax pot at home. Instead, you can keep your brows on point with these simple maintenance tips. 

1. Start with brushing.
To get a sense of how to groom your eyebrows, brush them upward. This will show you which hairs are overgrown and need to be cut. A mustache comb works great for guys with thick brows, while a mascara wand is better for thin brows. You don’t have to buy the mascara to get the wand. You can buy clean wands on their own online or at most drug stores.

2. Shape the brows.
Using a very small pair of scissors, trim the hairs that extend above the brow line when brushed upward. Buy a small scissor designed for facial hair maintenance for this job. This gives you more accuracy, and many of these scissors are curved to accommodate your face comfortably. Be very careful that you don’t cut too deeply or you may end up making a hole in your brow. Remember, the brows will get brushed back down. You just want to clean them up. 

3. Grab the tweezers.

Get ahold of some tweezers and use them to pluck any hairs that aren’t with the group. This includes stray hairs under, above, or on the sides of your brows, and of course, it includes all of the hairs that pop up in your monobrow area. Don’t skimp on cost when picking out your tweezer. The cheapest options usually aren’t great at grabbing little hairs. If you want your brows to look good, you need to spring for a decent tweezer. 

Unfortunately, you can’t substitute a razor for this step. If you try to shave off errant eyebrow hairs, you’ll often end up removing some of your main eyebrow. Additionally, the hair tends to regrow faster if you try to rely on shaving. 

4. Thin out bulk with an eyebrow trimmer. 

While razors aren’t advisable, men with extra shaggy brows may want to look into trimmers. These are very small handheld electric trimmers that can help you clean up eyebrow, nose, and ear hairs. You need a trimmer designed for these body parts — beard trimmers are too big to work on men’s eyebrows. Once you’ve got the right trimmer, simply run it over your brows to thin down the volume. 

5. Brush the brows into shape

Once you’ve trimmed and plucked, it’s time to brush your eyebrows back into shape. First, splash some water on your face to remove any loose hairs from your skin. Then, you can use the same comb that you used when you trimmed your brows, or you may be happy with just your fingers. In both cases, just brush along your natural brow line. Then, retry and pluck as necessary. For a clean slick look, some men enjoy using a clear brow gel, while others add thickness and intrigue with a colored gel. 

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