FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT): How To Win

There’s a lot of excitement when you finally get the FIFA Ultimate Team that you want with all of the players that you’ve been working so hard for throughout the entire season. Then, like clockwork, the new FIFA is released and you have to start your team over again from scratch. It can be a little disheartening, especially as fewer and fewer people play the previous year’s release, essentially forcing you to move into the newest version. It doesn’t mean that it has to be a hassle, though. You can still win matches and build your ultimate team quickly by following the right steps.

Inevitably, you’ll run into some teams that have a boatload of talent when playing online. Due to EA Sports releasing packs that can be purchased with real money, those that don’t want to pay extra are already at a disadvantage. Still, having good players on a squad doesn’t make the person controlling them any better than you. It’s all about playing to your strengths and the opponent’s weaknesses. 

The first thing that you’ll want to do is assemble a squad that’s at least capable of scoring goals and keeping you competitive against higher competition. Early on in the season, gold players will become easily obtainable. While these aren’t superstar cards that have 99 ratings across the board, they can still get the job done. Focus on the objectives each day and you’ll have a formidable squad in no time.

The other main aspect of building your team is to make sure that there’s good chemistry amongst your players. Good chemistry means that the players get a boost to their attributes, so even an 80 overall card can play like an 83 if the chemistry is right. EA has introduced these types of rating boosters through all of their sports games so that the focus is on building a team that gels instead of just superstar names thrown together and completely out of their real-life positions. You wouldn’t want Cristiano Ronaldo playing goalkeeper in real life, would you?

Before hopping online, get some practice in against the computer. Game modes such as Moments and Squad Battles can get you ready for the fiercest competition, especially when playing on the highest difficulty. By doing this, you’re also getting a lot more rewards that can make your squad that much stronger. 

With your squad assembled, it’s time to get onto the pitch in an online match. More than anything, you’ll want to be extremely patient when playing an online match. It’s tempting to try and score a quick goal in hopes of getting your opponent to quit, but bad things can happen if you don’t net that goal. Sprinting toward balls in the open field will drain your stamina and make goal-scoring opportunities harder to come by later in the match.

Sprinting also takes away from your dribbling ability, so it’s best to focus on working your way around a defender rather than blowing by them with speed. The other biggest aspect is all about positioning. Too often, players online will get out of position defensively to chase a pass, leading to an open look. With that in mind, keep the ball moving with passes to try and get your opponent to leave their zone throughout the match.

Instead of trying to sprint in straight lines, be very meticulous about each movement your players make. This saves a lot of energy, and if you give a goal early on that doesn’t mean you should quit. Continue to play the matches in which you’re trailing, and you can still prevail simply by having more energy left over in the second half than your opponent. Take all of these tips with you, and you should start seeing the number in the win column increase drastically.

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