How To Become An Influencer On Instagram

For many of us, there’s a dream where we can just travel the world, post our photos on Instagram and get paid for doing so. While it sounds like a literal dream, there are plenty of people who make a living doing just that. These people are known as influencers, and they promote brands on a global scale through Instagram. Want to know how to become one? Follow these simple steps to start making money on your favorite app.

5. Build a Strong Bio

Any strong influencer that wasn’t famous before coming onto Instagram always has a strong profile and bio. Make sure that you have your profile picture set to something eye-catching and that you have your specifics filled out, including a business email so that potential clients can contact you. Use keywords that promote your interests and garner company attention, and include links to all your other social media profiles. Lastly, throw in a little bit about yourself and what makes you unique.

4. Caption This

Most people will hop on Instagram to post a photo or two and then put no caption behind it, which is absolutely fine. However, if you’re trying to become an influencer, you have to use a lot more than a one word caption for each of your photos. Make the caption as storytelling as possible, and use hashtags where necessary. This will get you more attention from people who don’t even follow you, allowing you to grow your brand. This is also a green flag for those looking for influencers to market their products.

3. Engage With Your Followers

Another sign for a company that a particular account is worth using as an influencer is the fact that they’ll engage with their followers. Sure, there are people like the Kardashians and Jenners that don’t have to reply to any comments to have their influence felt, but we’re not at that level yet. For now, try to respond to as many people as you can. This is a sign to companies that you know their product and can do a little PR work that they don’t have to in the long run.

2. Always Be Posting

There’s almost no chance that a company will be betting on an influencer when a person only posts once or twice a month. Growing your brand and getting the attention from companies that you need requires you to frequent Instagram as much as Norm frequented Cheers. Get familiar with what your most popular posts are and what time they were posted and find yourself a good rhythm/schedule. It’s ideal to post at least once a day to go down the influencer path, but more is better.

1. Pick the Right Endorsements

Alright, so you’ve developed your big following, you’re posting almost every day and you’re ready to start making money. Now’s the time where you have to be selective of what companies you’re sponsoring. Don’t just blindly fall into a deal with the first offer that you get. There could be a lot of hidden details that hinder you and the company’s reputation may be subpar. Have another set of eyes to help you out in the process so that you’re selecting what’s right for you.

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