How To Build A Following On Youtube

The main reason why people stop posting videos on YouTube is because there aren’t enough people watching their videos. It makes sense, as creating videos is a big undertaking, and not having views or money come in as a result can be discouraging. Before you give up on your dreams of making it big on YouTube, though, there are some things that you should try to build a following on the website. Here are the best ways to establish an audience and increase your popularity.

5. Catchy Titles and Thumbnails

When you’re browsing through YouTube, you’re likely to only find titles that will capture your attention due to the way the algorithm is set up. That’s because if you post a video with a title like “Me at the park,” you’re not going to get a lot of attention unless you were one of the first videos on the platform. Come up with a title that catches attention, focusing on certain keywords and conveying EMOTION like capitalizing certain words.

4. Use Your Tags

One of the absolute most important things that you need to focus on when posting your videos is getting the right tags. These tags are used in the algorithm and your video that doesn’t have many initial views can still be suggested based on what people are searching for. Find keywords that are trending and try to base your videos around those, tagging them in the process. Type your potential title into the search bar and see where your video would fit.

3. Quality Over Quantity

You could download a million short videos in one day and not get a single click on any of them. On the other hand, you could post one really well developed video that’s 20 minutes long and get millions of views. It’s all about quality. If you make a video that just one person finds to be amazing, they will share it with as many people as possible. Don’t worry about churning out content left and right, just make it worth sharing.

2. Be Engaging

One of the reasons that many people love YouTubers and streamers more than any other is because they can interact with them in a way that they can’t with your typical mainstream celebrity. Don’t ignore comments, especially when you’re just starting out. Your foundational fanbase is going to be your most loyal and they’ll remember when you made it big. The more you interact with the fans, the more fans that you’ll get in return. 

1. Giveaways

For those that have made it big on platforms like YouTube, a lot of giveaways have happened along the way. From giving away video games, gift cards and everything in between, you’re reaching a new audience when you give something away at milestones such as subscribers or views. It doesn’t have to be anything big as people love free stuff of any size. It might seem like a cheap way to get followers, but it’s worth the shameless gamble at the beginning of your channel’s lifespan to establish a follower base, right?

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