Top 5 Funniest Twitter Personalities

Twitter is where a lot of people go to get news, argue about politics or find out if their fantasy football running back is actually going to be in the starting lineup. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t still plenty of laughs to be had on Twitter, though. Some accounts are fully committed to making people laugh, and we thank them for that. If you want the brighter side of Twitter, here are five hilarious personalities that you should be following today.

5. Darth Vader (@darthvader)

Someone was very quick to pick up the @DarthVader handle on Twitter, and has been using it ever since, making it a parody account that roleplays what would be a real life Darth Vader on social media. On a post from the official Star Wars Twitter account, they wished everyone a happy Father’s Day, showing a picture from “The Mandalorian” and it read “to all the father figures in the galaxy doing the most.” Vader’s response? “Define ‘most.’” For similar fun, follow @lord_voldemort7 for in-character cynicism. 

4. Thoughts of Dog (@dog_feelings)

Started in March of 2017, Thoughts of Dog has become a massively successful, downright adorable and hilarious account with over 3.7 million followers. There are some extremely cute thoughts that we might not have realized would be actual dog thoughts. This includes “sometimes, the human pretends my body is a set of bongos. They don’t have much rhythm, but it makes them very happy” or “If I do a big stretch, but nobody is around to say, ‘ohhh big stretch,’ it was still a big stretch. It counts.”

3. Matthew Inman (@Oatmeal)

A cartoonist by trade, Matthew Inman has become a Twitter staple thanks to his creation, The Oatmeal, that has a Twitter following of nearly 650,000 people. This has even translated into the popular card game Exploding Kittens. Some of Inman’s finer tweets that have gained traction include “I feel like you could measure my stress levels by the number of knives covered in peanut butter that are in the sink.” We feel that one on a personal level.

2. Elizabeth Hackett (@LizHackett)

A screenwriter that has been involved with productions such as “A Perfect Pairing”, “Love, Guaranteed” and “Swept Up by Christmas”, Elizabeth Hackett is probably more well known for her Twitter account that has around 100,000 followers since first starting back in 2009. Hackett typically tweets multiple times per day, most of which are hilarious. “It’s 2:38 AM,” she tweets. “You can’t sleep. Under your bed, there’s a relentless stabbing sound as the clown tries to get a straw into a Capri Sun.”

1. Alec Sulkin (@thesulk)

You may not have heard of Alec Sulkin outside of Twitter, but you know his work. Sulkin got his start on late night television with Craig Kilborn’s show and has since worked for television shows such as “Family Guy”, “The Cleveland Show” and “Dads”. Continuing to work with “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane, Sulkin has also co-written the film “A Million Ways to Die in the West”. You can tell from his Twitter account that his humor translates onto the big screen, small screen and handheld screen thanks to tweets like “Anyone else do a completely psychological work-up on your friends before you use their bathroom hand towel?”

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