Top 5 Funniest TikTokers

You can’t really go anywhere these days without having someone put a phone up to your face and showing you a TikTok video that you have to see. Because of this, you’ve probably become familiar with some of the people that garner the most views on the platform. But which ones are consistently funny and worth following when you sign up for TikTok? Here are five hilarious must see personalities that will provide plenty of entertainment.

5. Parker Kit Hill

If you’ve ever thought that high fashion was a bit much, then you’ll love profiles like Parker Kit Hill. Showcasing some of the goofiest that fashion has to offer, Hill is one of the most influential TikTokers, and one of the many that got their start on Vine. Now, Hill is working with companies like Target thanks to the massive online presence and has been able to maintain that comedy gold despite the big success.

4.Christina Najjar

It can be hard to break into an already saturated market, but that’s just what Christina Najjar did during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in mid 2020. Najjar started her TikTok profile under the name Tinx and has developed a massive following of over 1.5 million. She’s a bit older than most of the popular users on TikTok even though she’s in her early 30s, but she has figured out how to play the TikTok game. Her satire and deadpan delivery are top notch and a must follow.

3. Sarah Cooper

Sarah Cooper was already funny long before she became famous on TikTok, as the Jamaican had a stand-up career and even analyzed comedy for a hobby. She first went viral with a video that showcased how to appear smart, leaving Google and going into comedy on a full-time basis. It wasn’t until 2020 that Cooper started to garner a lot of online attention for being funny, and has since turned that into a strong following on TikTok thanks to her lip syncing of former president Donald Trump.

2. Khaby Lame

If you want to be the most followed person on TikTok, you have to bring something to the table. For Khaby lame, that would be comedy, and he took Charli D’Amelio’s top spot on TikTok in June 2022. The Senegal-born Lame has become known for his videos where he questions (without saying anything) life hack videos that seem nonsensical. Lame has been able to parlay his comedy into a major brand, forming partnerships with companies like Hugo Boss along the way. In terms of the most popular TikTok videos of all-time, a good chunk of those belong to Lame.

1. Brittany Broski

Even if you didn’t know her name before, there’s almost a guarantee that you know Brittany Tomlinson, a.k.a Brittany Broski thanks to her viral meme where she tried kombucha for the first time and made a facial expression that left an impression. Brittany had already been known for her improv comedy and took off on TikTok just a couple of months after making her account. Since then, she has been all over social media and even made it into a Super Bowl ad back in February 2020.

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