Top 5 Funniest YouTubers

Some of us go to YouTube on a daily basis to get our news in a shorter form, listen to music or simply to laugh and be entertained. If you fall into the latter category then you probably know about some of the funniest YouTube channels. There are plenty to pick from and there’s really no way you can go wrong. However, there are a few channels that really stand out as being funny on such a consistent basis that they have us turning on the notification setting whenever they upload. Here are those YouTubers we can’t stop laughing with.

5. JonTron

While there may have been some controversy outside of his YouTube channel in recent years, the fact remains that JonTron has some of the funniest videos on the website. The former Game Grumps co-host Jon Jafari’s videos are longer in form and focus a lot on video games and movies. The production value is quite high, as well, which is why he isn’t pumping out videos left and right like many other YouTubers. The wait is worth it, though, as almost all of his videos are pure gold and the perfect amount of time to eat while watching.

4. Smosh

Founded all the way back in 2002, Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox founded Smosh and it has grown into an online media empire since then, and is now part of Mythical Entertainment. Smosh was one of the first big YouTube channels in its early days and is still churning out amazing content with Hecox still on board as one of the main members. Add in Courtney Miller, Shayne Topp and Damien Haas and you have a great dream team of comedy.

3. Kitboga

Though he’s known by most of his fans primarily as a Twitch streamer, Kitboga’s presence on YouTube is just as massive and a good way to digest his content that can run for hours with a lot of downtime while live. Kitboga baits scammers through using his digital prowess so that he’s not actually losing any money and driving these internet scammers crazy. If you aren’t laughing at the creative ways that Kitboga gets scammers to lose their minds, you might be one of those scammers.

2. Bad Lip Reading

Sports, music, political speeches, you name it, Bad Lip Reading finds a way to make it hilarious. The channel that was started back in 2011 has taken videos, silenced them and put their own audio in to make them seem like people are speaking complete gibberish most of the time. The channel has even partnered with the otherwise copyright strike happy NFL so that we get a new Super Bowl video every year.

1. videogamedunkey

If you’re a fan of dry humor and video game reviews that aren’t catering to the publishers, then videogamedunkey is the channel for you. Real name Jason Gastrow has been doing his videos for over 20 years now, dating back to his childhood, and has only gotten better with age. Gastrow does these videos all on his own and has inspired a lot of internet memes and catchphrases, especially regarding the games “Knack” and “Super Mario Bros. 2”.

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