How To Stay Alert To Opportunities In Your Job Search

As everyone knows, finding the right job isn’t easy. There are plenty of websites that can help to assist you to find a job, but even then it’s hard to make sure it’s a good fit. If you find yourself on the job hunt, you know that it’s a big-time commitment that can feel like a job in itself. With that in mind, you can’t be actively searching 24 hours a day. There are ways that you can stay alert to the opportunities in your job search, though, and these are the best ways to make sure you’re up to date.

5. Don’t Forget Old Methods

When we think about job opportunities becoming available, we always go to the internet to search for what we need. There are some old-school ways of doing things that are still advantageous, however. Don’t be afraid to pick up a local newspaper to see what places are hiring, even if it’s not the specific position that you’re looking for. 

The company may have another spot for you if they’re in a hiring period. Also, try the method of walking in to speak to a manager. Though they may refer you to the online application, they’ll at least have a face associated with the name.

4. Contact Your State’s Labor Department

One of the best resources that you have at your disposal is your state’s labor department. Because of the tie-ins with unemployment benefits, state governments have a firsthand knowledge of what jobs are available in every city. 

Make sure to register for the job board in your state or country, and you’ll get notifications about the jobs that become available. If you’re unemployed at the moment, simply applying for some of these jobs will help you to meet unemployment requirements whether you get an interview or now.

3. Apply For Future Considerations

There may be a company out there that’s holding the keys to your dream job, but somebody else is in that position currently. It doesn’t hurt to still include your application in their database, as all companies will retain resumes and apps for future consideration.

This is especially true for businesses where many have identified it as their dream place to work. Think of sports organizations, certain restaurants, etc. It might not be the instant solution that you’re looking for, but it can at least set you up down the road while you’re also landing a job to get you through until then.

2. Keep a Current Resume With Recruiters

The role of a recruiter has become more active than ever before. All day, recruiters will scour through resumes on a full-time basis so that human resources departments in corporations don’t have to, and can allocate their resources elsewhere.

Make sure to connect with as many recruiters as you can. If they can put in a good word for you, then it’s likely that you’ll at least land an interview with the company you’re applying. Recruiters are easy to get in touch with compared to HR reps, making them the most valuable tool for any job search. There also isn’t that feeling of pressure talking to a recruiter compared to human resources while also providing you with some beneficial tools to boost your resume.

1. Fine Tune Your LinkedIn

Most of the recruiters that you’ll come in touch with all have one thing in common, and it’s that they have an active LinkedIn profile. The website has become the hub for almost all job searches around the world, and for good reason. 

LinkedIn is able to send notifications straight to your phone or computer as soon as a position opens up that you might be a match for. You can easily get in touch with recruiters through LinkedIn, as well, meaning that your job search can be expedited and you’ll be on your way to the new office in no time.

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