How To Use Visualization To Improve Your Wellbeing And Live More Effectively

There are people that are fine with receiving information via spoken word and can remember what they were told, but that way of processing information is becoming more and more rare. These days, people want information given to them in a way that they can map it out and allow their brain to process it in a more creative fashion, while also using the mind to get the body to do what they want.

This is known as visualization and it’s becoming increasingly common in just about every facet of our lives. Not only are major companies promoting the use of visualization to their employees at every level, but people are using it in their personal lives to become more efficient in their way of processing information. So what is it about visualization that makes it work for our everyday lives?

In short, visualization impacts your brain directly. By visualizing yourself doing something, your brain reacts directly by sending signals to different parts of the body. Whether you visualize yourself running faster or writing that big essay or company-wide email, it’s better to think about yourself doing it beforehand to allow your brain to get going.

Visualization isn’t just good for your physical well being, but also mentally. When you’re feeling stressed out, science has shown that visualizing yourself somewhere more comforting can help to reduce this stress and anxiety. Think about your favorite smell, the best beach you’ve ever been to, or simply resting at home with the ones you love. These images in your mind will get you more relaxed and focused even in the most hectic work situations.

There’s also a major impact on the business world when it comes to visualization, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. One of the old tropes for businesses in movies and television shows are businessmen using pie charts and bar graphs to show productivity in the workplace. As technology has become more advanced, though, we’re seeing companies use more interactive forms of visualization to help break things down and allow the brain to retain more information. It’s also helpful in terms of micromanagement as businesses try to get the most out of every penny spent.

One trend that has caught on a lot in recent years is a vision board. This is when someone creates a poster-like art that shows their goals for a given timeframe. Whether it be someone in a graduation cap and gown, a vacation destination or someone getting promoted, this helps your mind retain these images and collect the drive needed to make these goals happen. 

This is known as using your Reticular Activating System. This is a system of neurons located in the brain stem that blocks out some of the unnecessary information that your brain doesn’t need. In turn, you’ll become more focused on the important things such as data that you need to remember or the goals that you want to achieve. The more specific you get with your thoughts, the more likely your brain will be focused on finishing what needs to get done. So whether you want to improve your golf game, breathe easier in stressful situations or make more money at work, your brain can help you through the power of visualization. 

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