The 5 Weirdest (And Most Wonderful) Coffee Shops In The World

For most people, we have our comfort spots. The places that we know are going to be consistent and become part of our routine. For a lot of people, coffee shops are among those places where we find ourselves on a near daily basis. Typically, you’ll find people flocking to Starbucks or a more regional chain. There’s more to life than just the big name brands, though. If you want to traverse the world and find the most out-there coffee shops in the world, here are some that you must see at least once.

5. East Beach Cafe

Our first coffee stop is located in Littlehampton, England where you’ll see one of the most unique looking exteriors for a coffee shop. The back end of the shop doesn’t have any windows, but when inside you’ll at least be treated to a nice view of the sea while you’re sipping on your morning joe. This award winning building definitely stands out and the coffee inside isn’t so bad, either.

4. Cafe Du Soleil

There are many coffee shops around the world that are named Cafe Du Soleil, but only one sits at the very peak of a mountain. In Vietnam, Cafe Du Soleil sits atop Mount Fansipan and offers some of the most extraordinary views that you can possibly hope for, coffee shop or not. On particular days, you’ll be sitting above the clouds and gazing at the natural wonders of the world while enjoying comfortable seating and some of the best coffee in the country. If you’re afraid of heights, though, you might want to have your coffee delivered to the base of the mountain.

3. Lhong Tou Cafe

Our next visit takes us to Thailand where you’ll find Bangkok’s Lhong Tou Cafe. This has become a popular tourist destination throughout the years thanks to a very unique interior that makes you feel like you’re in the neighborhood’s most exclusive treehouse. A lot of the seating within the cafe requires some climbing, so make sure you’re up to the challenge to get to the second level without spilling one of the many delicious drinks that Lhong Tou has to offer.

2. Airship Coffee

We couldn’t talk about coffee shops without including at least one from the United States. Perhaps the most unique that the country has to offer is in the same hometown as retail giant Walmart in Bentonville, Arkansas. Airship Coffee, from its exterior, looks like it’s about to host a Shakespeare in the Park evening, but is actually a tourist destination for coffee lovers. Brewing their own coffee, Airship is an open-air concept that will make you feel right at home in Arkansas.

1. Chillout Ice Lounge

Here in the United States we have Las Vegas, but the United Arab Emirates has their own Vegas in the form of Dubai. There, you’ll see some of the most unique concepts, which includes a coffee shop where the interior is made of ice. While sitting in subzero temperatures, you can treat yourself to a cup of coffee, as well as other drinks like hot chocolate and cocktails (sans alcohol).

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