The Insider’s Guide: 5 Ways to Get to Know the Real South Africa

You’re in South Africa, a country that offers a landscape that has something for everyone. How you choose to explore the country is up to you. Just know there are many ways to get up close and experience the history, culture, landscape, and oh, yes, the wildlife this country is known for.

1. The Garden Route (Western Cape)

There are plenty of miles to cover in South Africa, and each has its own points of interest and things to do, such as The Garden Route, which covers approximately 124 miles of picturesque landscape.

The route runs from Mossel Bay to Storms River and allows travelers to get off the beaten path, park their rented vehicle, and explore area beaches, lakes, nature reserves, and the Garden Route National Park.

2. Kruger National Park Safari

A sure way to discover and learn about the many species of wildlife inhabiting South Africa is to schedule a safari tour with Kruger National Park for one of their many tours. Led by a knowledgeable guide, who takes visitors through the park and surrounding areas, you’ll experience a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. 

While immersing yourself in the park’s atmosphere with accommodations to suit personal preferences, from tents and treehouses to luxury lodges, you’ll be in the midst of Kruger National Park and all it has to offer. 

3. The Blue Train

Arguably one of South Africa’s jewels in the crown is The Blue Train, which travels approximately 994 miles from Pretoria to Cape Town with a couple of off-train excursions on the itinerary. Overall, the train is the epitome of luxury on rails. 

While on board for the scenic journey, travelers are wined and dined in style while the train winds its way through open farmlands and semi-desert landscape as well as past Table Mountain and the Cape Winelands. 

4. Tour South Africa’s Wine Region

Something travelers new to South Africa may not know is the country is known for its wine regions situated around the cities of Paarl and Stellenbosch. South Africa has been in the wine business since the 17th century. 

To get the most out of visiting the wine regions, book an exclusive guided tour of the Western Cape region and its prominent wineries to have access to and sample some of the country’s most tasteful vineyards.

5. Cruising the Waterways

South Africa has an expansive coastline that allows for plenty of opportunities to get to know the area with a guide boat trip. Travelers who want to sit back, relax, and revel in the beauty of the moment, can book a sunset Champagne cruise out of Cape Town.

Above water, travelers can enjoy watching the sea life with whale-watching and dolphin-watching cruises or watch the antics of the black and white attired penguins at Penguin Island. There are also shoreline cruises that get you up close to crocodiles and hippos.

If you prefer down-under experiences, South Africa is a world hotspot for exploring the shipwrecks, inland caves, assorted underwater inhabitants, and other mysterious features with a scuba adventure.